VP debate 2020: Harris and Pence clash at Utah debate – BBC News


It was more civil than the presidential debate, but there were still moments of tension between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice-President Mike Pence.

Watch the key moments from the only vice-presidential debate – and yes, we’ll show you the fly.

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Date: October 14, 2020

32 thoughts on “VP debate 2020: Harris and Pence clash at Utah debate – BBC News


  2. Republicans have lost the battle in the cathedral of ideas. After decades of cultivating bigotry, and racism they have miscalculated the size of their support and revealed their truest deepest sentiments over the last four years. Now, they are on the verge of an epic wipeout in not only the executive branch but also in congress. We are a more informed society now.

    There was a whole generation of youngsters who grew up knowing only a black president that are now adults, and they are horrified to see what their history teachers told them was in America's past, return to the present like wildfire. The Republican party has not only lost this entire generation, the GOP may never win the executive branch again in our lifetime.

    Not to be geeky, but it reminds me of a clip in Star Wars substituting the Emperor for the GOP. Luke said, "Your over confidence is your weakness." And the Emperor said, "Your faith in your friends is yours."

    The U.S electorate will get this thing right, I have no doubt. But we must be prepared to drag these intellectually regressive GOP luddites, kicking and screaming along with us.

  3. Fascists of the dictator Lukashenka continue the genocide of the Belarusian people! Support Belarusians!

  4. Kamala Harris is pure evil and a lier. She continues to tell one side one thing and turn around and says another. She changes her mind on every issue, does she see rand for anything and not lie about it?

  5. I found it unacceptable that when Pence was speaking a split screen was used which enabled Harris to excessively use non verbal physical cues with smirks , disapproval, frustration, anger, and a variety of other cues all which detract from the VP Both people should not have had a split screen when each spoke as both should be entitled to each others non verbal responses which detract from both presenters with the others non verbal communication

  6. The Vice President 2020 debate moderator Susan Page interupted and cut him off Vice-President Mike Pence from responding to her or Senator Kamala Harris's questions from start to finish throughout the entire debate. Susan Page is a Democrat currently writing a book about Nancy Pelosi's' accomplishments. She was very biased in the way she treated VP Pence compared to Sen. Harris, and the line of questions she asked during this debate.

    Susan Page protected and shielded Sen. Harris in this debate never asking her zero tough questions or ask her any questions about what Harris and Biden's economic plans are or what they will offer to make America better. Bottom line is Biden and Harris need to present a clear comprehensive economic plan they can articulate to the American people, besides many other plans to make America better than it is today. We got it, that Biden and Harris don't like President Trump, but what are your plans Biden and Harris when your not talikng negatively about President Trump????

  7. Mr Pence destroyed Kamala with facts ! Why BBC savagely edited the most important points ? So happy I am not paying ( kickTV out of my house) BBC BS !Evil on the air .

  8. Followers always against Truth And Woman.

    Like- Gali

    Who establish Gali or Ugly Word?

  9. Harris handled Trumps lackey. Of course it is more difficult for Pence to debate. Pence has to remember what Trump actually said about the facts plus alternate facts. All those lies by Trump is a tough recall list.

  10. Propagandist Brock said Obama commander chief executive commander chief Joseph bike charges genocide American bedrooms 245,008 years this is charged for united nations that she knows beach motel forcing their oath of office 3655 and property parties the Catholic Church and all the Catholic churches is built to code it took private party of course stretching in the death of a child warriors 1976 Joe 2010

  11. Jen any Republican wanting out of a democratic controlled state affective immediately just logon and hit signal on this button and you’ll be arranged to be picked up they ask United States military or invoking out there are 24 million apps and places where the governor won’t get let you go in his Catholic control arrest your governors for private property laws and pay to prosecute the 878 child rapist the Catholic faith international lawyers death by Delta United States is already destroyed but as long as you do the same thing no the Catholic Church has teamed up to commit genocide against American people along with non-draftable private parties do you have the right to vote in person

  12. Legally altering election results by combining all the constituents to the quality quarters so they cannot be let out to vote this is treason by the Democratic Party the car United Nations already have criminal charges against democratic party and so does the world for adding me to bedding in murder I’m all other world citizens the war is coming to America bring a pain to the Democratic Party in the tree and his murderers Jesus Jesus name we pray in our garage thing we’ve been away defend yourself America the job

  13. BBCNews. Gostam de deitar Brasil e Bolsonaro. Jornalistas e redatores desta porcaria deveria preocupar com seu país. No meu ponto de vista, BB porcaria.

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