VSG & Covid – Weight Loss while Surviving Tragedy


What it’s like to live with weight loss surgery during a pandemic and tragic loss. trying to stop regain, and get to goal weight, while my whole life is being destroyed. Death, birth, shoulder surgery, Alzheimers, remodeling construction, new MS symptoms, grief, come to jesus moments, state closure, workers comp, med change…..F@CK….you name it, I’ve survived it the last 5 months.

I had VSG 2-5-18
Start weight 230
15 lbs lost before surgery
current weight 163
goal weight 135-145
surgeon: s sac kaiser


Date: July 15, 2020

6 thoughts on “VSG & Covid – Weight Loss while Surviving Tragedy

  1. Aww im praying for you. Thank u for all ur advice and i am so sorry u have experienced so much trauma, not just recently but multiple times in ur life. Ur one strong woman and although i dont know u, im proud of u❤

  2. Thank you for being REAL. We are all facing crap and drama and just trying to learn to keep our head above water. I definitely have codependent relationships with my sons and husband who has ptsd, traumatic brain injury and Parkinson’s. I really needed to see someone else facing hard times and making it.

  3. I have been there so many times! Covid made me real depressed especially at work. Work became exhausting! I'm fighting with myself over food every day! It gets easier with adult children. But they will have days when you worry sick. Don't worry boys always love their mommy it will work out. I know this first hand!!!! He has to adult now! I have to say I'm always envious of people who live in warm climates, your so lucky! Winter is very long and depressing, that sucks! Your definitely right on about the bitch lol!!!! Don't kiss ass!

  4. Great seeing you again, sorry you're going through so much, hoping it lightens up for you. You still look great and congrats on how far you've come. I have on my Refig. If its important you'll find a way! If not you'll find an EXCUSE. We are all in this together. Stay safe!

  5. Hi, and welcome back, I have really missed your vlogs. Everything you said in this vlog today rings true in so many ways with my life – it makes sense now. We had surgery around the same time and I have fallen off the wagon big time – at the end of the day its about accountability, and responsibility – I have struggled with responsibility – and I have pushed that on to other people so that I dont have to let it in my life – Now I do and it is soooo hard. Thank you so much for this vlog today – its time for me to step up to the plate…..

  6. Glad to see you’re still “alive and kickin!” You have a lot going on. Hope the food part gets easier. Living with adult children is definitely a challenge! Learning first hand! I’ve got a bad case of “rbf!”

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