Warrior Watch: Protecting Kenya's Lions | Explorers in the Field


Humans, Climate, and Lions – Oh My: Climate and weather have vast implications for almost all forms of life. Join “Warrior Watch” as Jeneria Lekilelei, a warrior from the Samburu fights to protect lions under the harsh conditions of extreme drought.
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Warrior Watch: Protecting Kenya’s Lions | Explorers in the Field

National Geographic


Date: August 3, 2020

44 thoughts on “Warrior Watch: Protecting Kenya's Lions | Explorers in the Field

  1. Espero que esse povo não mata os leões são tão lindos essa jente no abitati dos animais e não tem outro lugar pra viver não África esse lugar não conheço so brasileira pessoas cuida dos leões nossa legal ☺

  2. It's such a lesson, this video. People who have always revered nature are doing whatever they can to adapt to these climatic changes and get the message across to people. People who have always been sensitive towards the Earth are becoming more sensitive while people who always cared less in the first place are growing more and more insensitive. The gap needs to be bridged.

  3. I'm very grateful for the way this community has embraced this outlook and are working together so well to protect the lion population and wildlife. The world needs more open-mindedness like this.

  4. I agree with all of this but what that lady said some of it was just dumb. There is no way lions and humans can coexist together. If the lion gets hungry it will kill the human. Plain and simple. Don’t forget everyone in Kenya children and adults are killed by lions On an average of eight times a year

  5. Unless nature intervene, to stop human growth, the natural world is collapsing now in real time. It will all be gone in thirty years. Africa, the Amazon, Arctic and Antarctic all sliding into oblivion. A new world will emerge and should I be reborn again in this new world which will live for millions of years, I pray, yes I pray, that I am a cockroach, a fly, a frog, anything but human.

  6. lions going extinct? we just cannot let that happen. they are such a popular and widely known animal and arguably the most well known animal in the world, and for them to go extinct would be devastating.

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