Was Prince Harry ‘bullied’ out of the royal family by William? | Palace Confidential


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Date: October 11, 2021

50 thoughts on “Was Prince Harry ‘bullied’ out of the royal family by William? | Palace Confidential

  1. Megan new full well to be a member of the royal family you have to act and do appropriately she did this to herself she's hardheaded

  2. This woman wants to blame everyone but that real culprit, M herself. Please go away and leave William alone. He appears to be the only one who wants to do something about those two.

  3. What the blonde woman said, ist true. But she neglected to speak of the cost.?The adoration is so limited ! From a very small groups if starry eyed fans, and not even all over the world ! And most is HEAVILY paid for PR ! He’s LOST the love and adoration from his country. , his position on vax equity is only short lived, what then ? He’s not an entertainer nor a producer as MM portrays him.

  4. I’d like to know how anyone can defend Meghan after the lies she told on Oprah??? She is clearly a narcissist! Alienating everyone in her life, and I predict that she will be discarding Harry at one point too! Narcissists are incapable of normal family relationships and they’re famous for playing the victim!

  5. It was definitely meghan having the major role – from the Oprah interview most accusations came from Meghan and Harry is totally responsible for going along with the lies and unkindness towards his own family

  6. He'll No. William had always thought it would be him & Harry running RF
    Until Nut Meg came along & ruin all

  7. I've unsubscribed from this channel. It should be called the narcissist Meghan fan channel. Tessa is obnoxious. Meghan hooked up with Harry for fame and money, nothing else

  8. I object to her saying Harry had a difficult childhood. Obviously you have no idea how ordinary people live.

  9. I hope they were bullied out. The Royal Family always finds a way to oust people who are problems.

  10. I really believe at this stage of Harry's life that he was getting grounded into the royal family and it wouldn't have been his first choice to leave. He was even getting ready for promotion and hoping that Meghan was all in with him. You don't join a royal family if you're not ready to follow the protocols, etc. Looking at the provable future there.

  11. I sincerely believe Royal life was growing on Harry and he wasn't hating it like he did as a teen, until Meghan came in to collect her Prince so people will listen to her and return to the states with her own HUGE agenda!!! I WAS VERY TROUBLED FROM EVEN BEFORE THE WEDDING AND ESPECIALLY DURING THE ENTIRE WEDDING, SENSING ALL OF THIS WAS COMING!!!!!!

  12. As an American I never heard of Nutmeg or that TV show she was on till she got with Harry ..I asked my family and friends and not one of them ever seen or heard of her before Harry… so To that lady who said she was famous before Harry you were wrong.

  13. Kate is dull and can't make a single speech so how can you even compare that lazy do little women to Meghan. Katie was jealous of Meghan

  14. Last time I checked, when I left a very well-paying job, title and income, I stopped receiving income from said company.
    It’s very elementary and should not be a subject of discussion. When you leave your place of employment on your own reconnaissance, you will no longer get paid! There is no argument to make as nothing is there to argue about. A mute point!

    And as far as one of your moderators voiced that Megan was an established actress and both able to hold her own in a very difficult industry, nobody knew who she was. I had to look her up and so did my friends and family. She was an actress that wanted to be known for how many years? 20 or so years?
    In fact, she most certainly wasn’t known as a Hollywood actress. Rachel Megan Markel reminds me of the emperors new clothes – everybody can see what isn’t there yet people still are pretending that there is something they are to acknowledge and admire. Ridiculous.
    And making a go in American politics? Do you guys have any idea what it takes to get even into the running on a platform in American politics? I guess it’s a great story to sell newspapers, magazines and log onto YouTube, but it most certainly is not reflecting facts. And while anything can be possible, I think it’s not very likely that she will be able to make any inroads in politics, especially with her shady past no matter how much has been scrubbed off the Internet about her.

    There is such a thing called “the Bible belt”in the United States. And people that live and vote from those states are conservative and look at a person‘s character and morals. Enough said.

  15. To she see biggest difference between Kate & Meghan you only need to look at their respective closeness to family and the stability & happiness it brings…

  16. Well Harry said when asked by Oprah that he would not have left if not for MM. didn't these people watch the Oprah interview. sheesh

  17. It's was obvious that the 2 cringes plotted Megxit but put the blame on the palace. Palace needs to strip their titles and remove them from the royal website.

  18. I never heard of Megan before she married handbag! I never heard of the show she was in and the show didn't do very well. Everybody that I know did not know her either. Not many people watched suits a cable television program. I am a passionate American girl and I would have been as Kate is to Harry. Megan wanted power and money and what she wanted wasn't there he is now her lap dog!

  19. I am American and I lived in the UK for decades. I can tell you that I myself and millions of American women would take on that role and blossom in that role as Kate has done. It's not that difficult to take America out of the woman!

  20. Look she's an actress not a very good one but still an actress and could have pulled off being The Duchess of Sussex but she doesn't care enough about human beings to spend her entire work life dealing with them! She has no compassion she has no empathy she is at the very least displaying sociopathy.

  21. No one blames them for leaving. It's making a career out of trying to smear the RF and compete with them rather than forging their own separate lives in the US. Many people leave the family business to go it alone. You don't have to bring your family down just because their lifestyle or career didn't suit you.

  22. This woman is perhaps on MegNut payroll,, she should live in Montecito,, instead of England.. Megnut is NOT a career girl,, Megain is unknown Cable actress used to live in small house in Toronto.. Megnut is NOT humanitarian she only did it to Catch Harry..she was planned in her twisted mind to be Diana 2.0. Her best friend said.

  23. Jesus Christ, this blonde lady has her nose so far up Meghan's bum that her nose is actually covered in crap. Get real lady. You sound like a zealot.

  24. Tessa is full of nonsense, she is very dishonest when she talks about blaming the woman for where Hasbeen and the manipulator have ended. It is abundantly clear that MM came in to that marriage with an angle, a very self serving one at that. She never intended to stay, for she was not the main star on Suits with major success as an A-list actress. Her attaching herself to Hasbeen and the RF was her means to gaining the cache needed to achieve real fame and fortune.

  25. The female guess is wrong about Meghan's success as a career woman. Meghan never was successful in US entertainment business. She is an actress that most of Americans never heard of. Obviously, Meghan is ambitious and aggressive. Marrying Harry gives her a ladder to climb up to the high social class. she is actively use this opportunity to make something out of it for herself in US.

  26. There is something wrong with this dude, he can’t see both sides, he is hell bent on blaming Meghan for everything!

  27. This guy think Carmela taking her hands as a glorious thing for Meghan, seriously what is wrong with you British people, Meghan don’t need hand holding to be!

  28. No Megan had this planned from the beginning with Harry going along with it! The only reason she married him was for status & prestige she was promised great wealth and of course fame. The only thing that was required from her was to have a couple of kids, which she lied about as several great online investigators have recently uncovered more information that they had used surrogates for both children. So how come a media company like yourselves hasnt reported on this story or maybe you're being told not to. And if you do your own research you'll find that she used the "race" card as the excuse to leave, the reason she only invited her mother to the wedding and not her father, he didn't receive an invitation, she made up some abuse story about him, I've heard & something about the upcoming court case she doesn't want to get out!

  29. the blond woman doesn't get it. Meghan clearly has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Look at her behavioral history before she met Harry. It's obvious. I'm American; I don't hate her but it's very clear. But she has all the characteristics.

  30. William is not a bully. Harry resents William and is jealous that William is the heir to the throne. MM was jealous of Kate and couldn't handle that she was lower down in the Royal pecking order than Kate is. MM has been a very negative influence on Harry. She has stoked the fire of Harry's resentment of William and cut him off from his family. MM has an inflated opinion of herself and she had to be told several times to wait and allow more senior Royals go ahead if her, she was also filmed trying to push in front of Kate. That Oprah interview has been proved to be a pack of lies told to spite the Royal family. She and Harry deserve each other.

  31. Funny. Being on the James Bond red carpet is preferable to finding freedom and discovering yourself. Goodness!! Andrew has to depend on Mummy to pay his lawyer's bills. I choose independence.

  32. Meghan a successful actress? I’m American and I NEVER heard of her or any show/movie she has been in until Harry. So her biggest success was marry Harry 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔😉

  33. I have no idea why harry should be jealous of his brother he lived a privileged life and the royal family protected him all his life he was able to do and get away with things William was not what is his problem

  34. Oh please you Brits have no idea about our politics obviously….she is a joke……meeting with the mayor of New York..the most hated mayor in our country…he has ruined New York City…he defunded the police….he calls the police. Customer Service…what a pathetic idiot….she can dress professional but so what….she can’t compete with AOC and the real powerful young politicians that are actually in office and are powerful. This couple was ignored by the real movers and shakers..they weren’t invited to appear on any shows….no Gayle King…no late night shows, no lunch with Michelle, Hillary..no invite to the White House…..you guys need to realize she was unknown here..she NEVER MADE A BIG MOVIE..IN ONE MOVIE SHE PLAYED A TRUCK DRIVER WITH ONE LINE…WHILE JENNIFER ANISTON WAS STARRING MAKING MILLIONS…….NOT ONE STARRING ROLE IN A MOVIE…ONLY STUPID TELEVISION MOVIES… SHE WAS NOT A STAR…DID YOU EVER SEE HER AT THE OSCARS EVEN PRESENTING…NO….NOBODY KNEW OF HER….that’s why she went to Canada…d class actress…bit player……if Harry had to tell Bob Iger about her, pretty embarrassing….first of all you don’t talk business with people in zingers position..that’s for agents……do you see big directors offering her jobs….she can’t get a role to save her life….she is an over the hill failure over here..pathetically paying her pr to keep her in the news…but no jobs..no content…no big parties with celebrities..just a joke…..who wants to be friends with such wicked, hateful people…..who hate their own family..most people want a loving family……most people are proud of their children and want to share them, no paparazzi have ever been seen chasing them like Diana…show some photos of that..NONE…..but they are inviting it by hiding their children, just give a family photo and the paps will not care…

  35. "Why should she buy into the trappings…" of the Royal Family?? Because she CHOSE to marry into it you silly woman! Please stop trying to excuse NutMeg's abhorrent behaviour towards her husbands family by saying "oh but she's American". This has nothing to do with her nationality…she is a malignant narcissist who cut Harry off from every single person who ever cared about him (family & friends) with her vitriol and lies and now he has no way back. She is not a good person and I would think someone who works in mental health would be able to see that….

  36. Yes agreed with you, Rose Harris. Men it was never a "star", only a D player. Haz and old hag thought they could have the cake with out having to pay. They are scammers, cheaters and have no hearts. Also Haz's crying of the loss of his mother, as if he is the only one the suffer this tragedy. Broken record.

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