WA's state borders will be 'one of the last measures we pull down': Deputy premier


Western Australian Deputy Premier Roger Cook says his state will not “compromise on those hard borders” because they are the crucial measures which “keep Western Australians safe”.

Western Australia has been successful in keeping COVID-19 cases relatively low, in part due to the closure of international borders and the strict closure of state borders, as well as the implementation of 13 regional travel zones.

Mr Cook said the interstate borders will be “one of the last measures we pull down” as the state plans to open its economy to “Western Australians in the first instance”.

“By keeping our borders closed we can do more of that”.

The deputy premier told Sky News host Chris Kenny the state’s “extremely low numbers” of COVID-19 cases gives the government confidence to put in place “the most advanced and progressive easing of restrictions anywhere in the country”.

“We are further advanced than every other state.

“Western Australians have been kept safe by virtue of our hard borders.”

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Date: May 28, 2020

33 thoughts on “WA's state borders will be 'one of the last measures we pull down': Deputy premier

  1. Being a proud West Australian I, like many others would rather see the WA border closed permanently, and for WA to succeed from the rest of the nation. We are an economic powerhouse, being dragged down by the bludger, basket case states and territories, especially the NT and Tasmania. Federation has been a disaster for us. Just like Scotland would be better off without the rest of the UK.

  2. Keep WA shut and away from the rest of Australia wa still allowing China owned air ports to operate with import goods for the Chinese mining companies WA has closer ties with the CCP and Israel than the ACT

  3. Problem is you never know when their going to let a cruise ship full of sick people straight into the population. NSW & VIC Premiers are incompetent . What do you expect?

  4. I’ve had a belly full of WA politicians lording their power over me.Handing out tiny little amounts of the freedom they took from us as if they are training a puppy but the NSW government really aren’t in the best position to start barking orders.Have they sacked the minister who released nearly 3000 possibly infected people on an unsuspecting country?

  5. Btw covid is a scam all planned. Go and watch their event 201 they show you everything! Next is the economic collapse hence why government's are all in on this

  6. It's God's country not the fxxxg government's this behaviour has shown you all think we're your owned puppets why go on about a vaccine no ones asked if we want to take it for fxxx sakes. Communist government cant wait for this all to collapse 🙂 Satanist delusional monsters!!

  7. Wee let’s see wa go broke because government buying votes helping there mates (lobby groups) . It’s all theft tax me to help yourself you all need to wake up

    Exit china before china's next virus finishes us off. China committed an act of war, Killed 100 Australians, destroyed our economy and lives and our politicians are still kissing china's ass? Bribed?? Where is Andrew Robb.

  9. Good on you WA, we don’t want our hard work undone by anyone coming from the eastern states especially NSW and Victoria which have been the epicentre in Australia.

  10. WA still have one case, so far SA has 0 for 11 days now?.. WA & SA should open borders up..
    Italy has opened up & they were the worst infected country.
    If you don't open up you'll never know if the states has the CCP virus…

  11. Russia Russia Russia was a hoax for 3 years to destroy Trump
    Impeachment / Ukraine was a hoax to destroy Trump
    Covid-19 is a hoax to destroy Trump and will continue until the election November 3rd. China and the deep state trillionaires who control it released the virus intentionally, to stop him draining the swamp of corrupt politicians and CEOs, and making USA and the world great again.

    All politicians who support any lockdown are puppets of the deep state and evil tyrants.  Lockdown does nothing.  Taiwan, Sweden, South Korea and South Dakota and other states did not lock down.  Even China locked down for only 16 days, outside Wuhan.  

    The virus is no more dangerous than the flu, and there is a cure, hydroxychloroquine.
    The tracking WILL stay forever, and will morph into the Chinese system of social credit scoring.  We still have to take off belts and shoes as a result of 9/11, the last false flag event this same group did, and that is nearly 20 years ago.

    Find out how and why from Q at qmap.pub
    (Q is a military intelligence group working for President Trump)

    Watch Joe M “Q – The Plan To Save The World” on YouTube or BitChute.com
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    Watch outofshadows.org

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