"We got a reality check" | Frank Lampard Post Match | Manchester United 4-0 Chelsea


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Frank Lampard admitted his side made four mistakes against Manchester United, but felt his side were in control for a large parts of the game.

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Date: December 6, 2019

47 thoughts on “"We got a reality check" | Frank Lampard Post Match | Manchester United 4-0 Chelsea

  1. He Clearly is already a very good manager and will only get better and better. 1st game of the season.4 sloppy mistakes. Simple. I love the hysterical comments on here. Hence why Lamps is in charge and others on here are not. 😂

  2. yeah Chelsea played well in the first 60 minutes but if you dont put your chances away you get beat.
    It's funny if that was the other way around pundits and everyone would of been saying united arent good enough, arent clinical enough…not they were unlucky it shouldnt be 4-0
    Dont try take it away from how good united were on the break, saying they were just 4 mistakes that cost you the game.

  3. Will b grey headed by next year. Plus sacked . Is it worth it? Just start at bottom and work up as a manager . Dont fck it up by being a manager of a club thats expects trophys per year. .every year. What the fck do lampard know about coachin

  4. As a Utd fan, I feel we were quite lucky.
    The penalty came right on time. We needed a breather.
    Football is football though. If you waste too many chances, you're gonna get punished.

  5. Frank whatever you do with chelsea as a manager you will always remain a chelsea legend, You believe in youth i respect that i really hope we break in top 4 with lamps and he stays for a few seasons he needs time i hope roman knows that.

  6. It's funny when he said it's not a 4 nill, United scored 4 pal, and made Chelsea's defence look like league 2 side, ya they looked good first half with possession, but useless in attack, United are stronger than them in defence and attack, so how wasn't it a 4 nill ha

  7. Frank your a joke mate I hope you get sacked 🤣🤣🤣 this is why Chelsea will be in a lower league compared to untied because of idiots like him running Chelsea your going to ruin the club I hope you get sacked by Christmas or even before 🤣🤣🤣 LAMPARD OUT🤣🤣🤣

  8. It was definitely a bad day for Frank, especially for his first official game. However, it may not turns out to be bad for a whole season. I believe he will be doing great. Fan of Man City.

  9. Spurs Frank lampard is not spurs frank lampard anything come on you spurs rams derby county has got better manger now called Phillip Cocu and I am glad that we got him now 🏴🏳️🥰

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