Weird things flying in the Milwaukee sky


It might be the strangest thing you see on FOX6 News all season — and it has created quite the viral stir online.

What we’re talking about happened live on FOX6 WakeUp News on Tuesday morning, Feb. 27. Around 4:43 a.m., our news team took a look at one of our tower cameras — and witnessed something odd flying in the sky over downtown Milwaukee. http://via.fox6now.com/qWwP7


Date: May 28, 2020

33 thoughts on “Weird things flying in the Milwaukee sky

  1. i see super slow-moving (hovering) pulsating bright white 'stardrone' orbs nightly for years now anywhere, bay area to monterey, california.  not drones, not demons, not aircraft, not technology or alien.  now called UAPs, foo fighters, lightning balls, these are electric plasma orbs, not flying objects, they appear to fly singly or in formations, and look lifelike colorful with telephoto lenses. they seem to float harmlessly, but are part of the lightning family, and can near the ground and eventually arch, often to bodies of water or overload/explode electric transmission towers/lines/transformers. they may be one of few natural phenomena that can remotely explain the super-hot super-selective glass-melting megafires with multiple ignition points and stubborn embers that burrow and reignite weeks later. lightning is complex, rises from subterra and reaches into space, likely involves cosmic rays too. look up 'thunderbolts project'.

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