Wendy Williams Update | The Daily Mail Talks Sharina Hudson



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Date: August 19, 2019

34 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Update | The Daily Mail Talks Sharina Hudson

  1. She was not about to loose her money as he was not about to let his cash get away oh well he got got Wendy finally got sick of his mess haha bye Kevin now you go get what you wanted karma it's yours

  2. Wendy is up to something she can't tell us yet but she will, in her book she is about to write. Let one person buy her book and let them tell the rest of us what's in that book, cuz she playing us as her fan, and leading us down a rabbit hole. My sister told me she sew Wendy and her husband fighting in the street of new York city, seeing her and her husband yelling at each other about driving in separate cars. Wendy was crying and got into the car while watching her husband going to a separate car. it was sad to see that he making her ride in a separate car than her husband. My sister friend went up to the car to tell Wendy its ok don't cry. but her husband told them to get away from the car. To me Wendy is a strong woman but is weak around her husband. Do not under estimate a woman with a plan. that she has, we need to just watch her, cuz Wendy got something up her sleeves, watch what I'm saying. no joke. mark my word.

  3. Wendy needs our love and our respect. and as Christians I think Wendy deserves our prayers and understanding. DPitts. Stalking is a crime and Daily Mail R TMZ like getting into people business. DPitts

  4. Wendy told it herself on her show only because ‘ the news was about to hit the media ‘ the only reason he is still with ‘ Wendy is because of the money’ other than that
    His ass would be gone ‘ Kevin is staying with the money…..

  5. Wendy was always alright with the relationship until the baby came into fruitation. Why would Wendy in courage that kinda life, sorry my broke ass don't even like to hear my man even glancing at a mother woman, trust me he would be gone in a heart beat.

  6. Everything is not OK Wendy is an addict in denial. Wendy has a hard time being honest. Wendy is in a sober house and going to meetings that stresses the importance of honesty. Wendy can’t live in the moment because it’s too painful for her to watch her life and relationship deteriorate. Wendy is desperately trying to hold on to her life with Kelvin. Drugs and surgery want fix it. Wendy has a long hard road ahead of herself and she doesn’t want to face it alone. If her husband is willing to help her through it then people should respect that first and foremost. The baby and mistress has no place in Wendy’s recovery.

  7. Sometimes you have to get tired of being tired, she should take the L now, move on, and regroup, If she stay with this disrespectful man she'll never be happy, she should give him half the assets to get him out of her hair, then start over, in the end she'll be happier and at peace.

  8. He’s the diagnosis to her sickness and it will remain until she gets rid of the source!
    That’s Mr Hunter! She allegedly afraid of him and needs help with getting rid of cancer called Kelvin Hunter, no excuse!

  9. Kelvin bisexual
    Nikki baby girl is here
    Wendy is the aggressor in the relationship.

    Singer Aveon sleeping with Kelvin Hunter. That's y Kelvin tried to get him jump at the breakfast club.

    The gag is wendy dont wanna give Kelvin the divorce.

  10. Wendy need to let that Ike Turner want to be go. If he is this lowdown and don't care how he and his woman are on front street. He will have Wendy killed and make it look like she OD on those pills. Then he can get all the money. Why should his woman care? She is getting paid and don't have to work. If Wendy's shared husband don't give a damn about his wife. Why should she? She is not married, Kelvin is!*

  11. I don't understand it when people say that Wendy's business is her business. Wendy makes everybody's business her business so her business is now everybody's business and should be the HOT TOPIC. Karma has all our address. It knows it's way around.

  12. Who cares! Wendy does not care not really. Maybe they have open relationship. She keeps saying everything's okay and Huntersville so it must be. And maybe her husband just cannot deal with a woman that is on drugs and alcohol having all these surgeries to fix herself to look younger than she is. It looks like the side chick is all natural. Wendy has no problems voicing her negative opinions on others, so she can figure this out and right now the problem is not so much her husband but her. I don't know why people can't see that. She's not an honest person she said she does not have friends and doesn't allow anyone in her house so go figure. Wendy is sick with her addiction. And I wonder how much of her home is she taking care of if even her son got hooked on drugs. Just let her heal.

  13. What's wrong with these people. I cant imagine liking a grown man in his 40's telling me, we cant get married because we cant take care of ourselves. … really!!@

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