Whale calf freed from Gold Coast shark nets


A whale calf has been freed after becoming trapped in shark net off the coast of the Gold Coast.

Documentary makers raised the alarm on Burleigh Beach when they spotted a small whale trapped in a net, prompting a bystander to jump in his tinny and cut it free.

The Department of Fisheries and Sea World was alerted in the early morning but there were delays in sending out a rescue team due to confusion as to whose responsibility it was.

The man who rescued the whale could be facing heavy fines under new legislation against tampering with shark nets.

Image: AP


Date: May 22, 2020

28 thoughts on “Whale calf freed from Gold Coast shark nets

  1. Perfect example of "every step that i take is another mistake to you"

    Had he not saved him, the comment section and Animal rights groups would abuse everyone would say that he should be penalized for not saving it…

    now that he did save him, Everyone got problem with that aswell

  2. Good on him. Ok so if its illegal to go closer than 100meters or touch the whale, what happens once it dies in the net? It will need to be removed. So they will be within 100meters, have touched the whale and should be charged with killing an endangered species. All fisheries ministers and the netting contractor and the polititians who allowed the shark nets should be charged and sent to jail. He did the right thing. Thegovernment is proper fucked if he gets charged. One rule for one and a seperate set of rules for the government officials.

  3. 👨‍💻 https://youtu.be/Ne_BoNudtj4 VIEW FROM ABOVE Note mark furners comment ? like where are these guys anyway when needed not a lot do we see australia govt Fishery officials in any boats rescuing anything there a MYTH but paid in tax dollars were been hoodwinked oz straya by secrete officials with badges who never do anything but fine you $ for a few dollars more so they can go on holidays build cabins on islands

  4. Ive had it with our Nanny state.
    Use some bloody discretion, what kind of idiot would even mention the possible fine when the act was clearly justified.
    This bloke should be rewarded. Maybe he can replace one of our useless politicians.

  5. If this hero is fined, there will be an outrage previously unseen in this country…how is it any different from breaking someones car windows who's left their kids inside on a hot day…the Queensland government should be ashamed!!

  6. Honestly! That guy's put himself in danger to free that whale because the designated officials couldn't get their act to gear, and now he's the one that could face trouble.

    The government in this country is becoming a joke or is already a joke. Bowing to the Chinese CCP gangsters, while vilifying decent Australians for trying to do the right thing.

  7. So a hero saves a whale and steals the spotlight from a group that is only doing it for money. Sea World should give him a reward since they caused it and failed.

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