WHAT ARE THEY? | Into The Unknown (UAP Documentary)


WHAT ARE THEY? | An Exploration Of The Unknown

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To The Stars Academy
The Sicily Fires
Canneto di Caronia
UFO documentary
UAP Patent
Tic-Tac patent
UFO footage
Tic-Tac UFO

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Date: August 28, 2019

43 thoughts on “WHAT ARE THEY? | Into The Unknown (UAP Documentary)

  1. This was a great Doc ! It's always baffled me how people ridicule this subject when theres so much evidence . Please forgive me if your thinking that im hijacking your video . But theirs so much from the past that I think was purposley left for us from antiquity . Heres a perfect example here on YT . Top 10 UFO Painting Tapestries Ancient Aliens , just delete my comment , I really do understand …. and thank you for all the hard work you put into this Documentary sir …..

  2. OK point taken but at the end of the day the multiple warships with advanced radar and avionics recorded the tictac UFOs moving at impossible (for us at least) speeds. An intelligent intent was observed with multiple eye and equipment based witnesses. Enough said!

  3. So unless aliens just want to fuck with us there is no reason to believe they have been here. If they really wanted anything here then they would already gotten it. If they follow some kind of not engage protocol they have failed. People are the scary ones, not aliens. People are the ones using this and playing this.

  4. There has been only one conspiracy since men can speak. Namely, that we are alone. So that those men in power can be perceived as the absolute top dogs and stay in power.

  5. Another excellent video Mouthy! I am loving your filming and editing style, and the storytelling is electric. I always look forward to your videos each and every upload you do. Cheers!

  6. " Fictitious notions of bigfoot "  ? Really ? How do you know this ? Have you done your homework ? I don't think so ………And you know what you can do with your invisible adds .

  7. Keep in mind when trying to create your idea of believability that just the US government has confiscated over 25,000 energy related patents under national security. 25,000 interesting enough to put the rest of a bunch of ppl’s life under wraps.

  8. @16:13 that “evidence” was debunked immediately as the focal mechanism of the camera filming it.
    Ppl forget that FDR gave Stalin unrestricted access to the entire US patent office for decades.

  9. Occam's Razor is not a "model", it's a rule for reasoning about data.
    And it's not subjective because it doesn't deal with anything but the data.

    It also is not a "replacement for logic and insight", it IS the logic that gives you access to insight when all you have is data, and we all follow it gracefully all the time, say, when your fuel gauge says "Low".

    Occams Razor doesn't save you from being wrong sometimes, it just maximizes your hit rate. So when people talk BS quoting Occam's Razor for effect, please don't blame it on Occam's Razor, as we literally won't survive if people quit following it.

    (where do you get such quotes from?)

  10. i dont trust TTSA one little bit. including puttoff. he said uri geller was genuine after supervising 'scientific' tests. BULLSHIT!

    we are being primed for a back up narrative of alien invasion to unite the world. Because civilian sightings of ufo's have dropped (except for fake cgi) … then the '5 star' sightings of the military are being produced. (including the disclosure project) There is nothing 5 star about military ufo claims. They are untrustworthy by definition.

    eg military radar. We know that such systems can be hacked. In fact they are hacked for training purposes.

  11. I've watched this video probably ten times by now. I think that all the 'disclosure' and media coverage just means that the ruling class and people at the top (TTSA, CIA, Clintons, etc.) are just as clueless as everyone else when it comes to ufos. The only reason for them to ask the plebs for help is because they can't figure it out themselves.

  12. 've already hit on the fundamental thoughts I hold for this. Im so glad I sub'd to this channel way back when! This seemed to be a ron paul revolution, screw the fed, rothbard is good type of channel. not sure if thats the case, but cheers!

  13. Perhaps you'll eventually find, that paranormal, like magic and infinity, are concepts used to describe that which isnt impossible, but we simply do not quite understand

  14. Evidence to support that we are living in a virtual reality is becoming compelling. Mathematicians and physicists say the math is for this is solid and now there are actual experiments being done to support the theory. 17 in all. The last I heard nine have completed and so far all support the vital reality hypothesis. Why am I talking about this? Well if it is true that our reality is a virtual one then it means our reality is a simply made of digital information. It's all just data. And what do we know about data? It can be manipulated. Just like in a video game, use a secret code and you can bend the rules. Anything I possible when you know how to re-write the code. Suddenly what we call "paranormal" become just "normal".

  15. How many different planes does a human exist in, if your honest and open minded, please stop saying boundary enforcing catch phrases like " defies physics, breaks the laws of physics" etc we don't know them all and its irritating and beneath you to suggest that we do Mr Mouthy

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