What happened with the AstraZeneca vaccine? – BBC News


As European countries reverse their AstraZeneca suspensions, Ros Atkins looks at how a vaccine hailed as a ‘game-changer’ has seen its reputation tarnished, and its safety questioned – despite being cleared for use by the UK, Europe and the World Health Organization.

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Date: September 20, 2021

49 thoughts on “What happened with the AstraZeneca vaccine? – BBC News

  1. Pfizer/Moderna stand to make billions off this disease, it can be expected they will try to sabotage the not for profit alternative.

  2. My main problem is that the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) stated Pfizer is recommended for my age group. I’m 32, however the Australian government has changed its tune & want everyone to get AstraZeneca vaccine, even though they know full well that there’re blood clot risks for younger people taking it. It’s pure negligence & no care for our wellbeing. They have low supply of Pfizer & heaps of AstraZeneca, it’s like they’re trying to get rid the AstraZeneca supply ASAP while putting us at risk in the process. As far as I’m concerned Pfizer is the recommended vaccine so that shall be the vaccine I may take. Screw the government!

  3. Toxic pharmaceutical drugs are there to damage you. Doctors need you to be sick to earn lots of money. They will always tell you to drink alcohol in moderation even if you're sick &on prescription drugs, dangerous advice as alcohol enhances side effects. Alcohol is a toxic drug, poisonous, and cancerous. Big Corporations (GM Food, alcohol etc), the Government &the medical industry all want you to be sick and destroy your health!! See a naturopath/functional medicine practitioner for digestive and other health issues and you will be healed!

  4. EU like EU produced one only may not like UK produced one.I have been vaccinated using astra zeneca, no problem encountered so is all in the family, the nurse told it is safe .

  5. The very import 6th point. Astra has never delivered the cuantity signed with EU. Eu paid 100% in August last year. Astra should have delivered 100% at 1stQ this year. .. Yet Not even 30% delivered to the EU. . But secretly stored 24 million dosis in Italy… Whats going on with this company

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  7. Oh no, think about the users' health and lives before promoting for Astra please ! a very healthy man in my province has been hospitalized and removed 2 meters of his intestine due to blood clot. You can Google to find out, and there are more deaths which are officially confirmed the blood clot from the vaccine that leads to the deaths. I agree that the ratio is smaller in comparison with covid-19 death ratio, however who will be willing to take that risk into their own households, for themselves, their loved ones or friends ?

  8. "Benefits continue to be greater than risk". Tell this to the family whose loved one dies due to this vaccine. We don't need a vaccine that has potential to cause death.

  9. Lots of side effects all over the world ( same like Johnson vaccine) , my friend died during 48 hours after taking first dose of AZ vaccine😢 she was a healthy young teacher!

  10. Complete poison the lot of them . Don't touch any of them. Watch this winter when the boosters start killing off the old !

  11. It may be the case that the EU has realised that a huge market for reminding vaccines has emerged in the EU and they would rather let the EU-Pharma companies to earn money than give access to it to AstraZeneca, which declared its vaccines will be selling without margin (if that's true).

  12. May we remind you these vaccines remain on trial! The media is quick to forget this…..not. being scientists.

  13. So, the EMA is now demanding the withdrawal of all these experimental vaccines. How about you look at the VAERS adverse events data/excess deaths and the UK Gov's own AZ adverse events reports. 
    Or is it a case of "What is Truth?" said jesting Pilate?!

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    Wow . Dialysis product. used mRNA as the spent fuel of the future ?

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  16. how do you know it is safe until the trials have ended? thats right folks they are lieing and you are taking part in a clinical trial.

  17. I agree, it outweigh the risk.. but the bottom line is, with this fatal flaws though on small percentage picture how can be unkeen their scientists comparing to the people of Pfizer and other pharma company.. just saying cause this is very important..

  18. before the blood clotting scandal, BBC calls it “Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine”, now just AstraZeneca no Oxford mentioned lol

  19. why would you use the astra zenika when Boris and his share buying croonies build 6 testing and vaccine factory's in the UK called lighthouse that produce a pick and mix vaccine they can make money out off who would have thought it…

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  21. If people are still buying this programming I feel for you I really do… behavioural change by pushed media it's all on .gov 😆

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