What makes Leeds United's' Marcelo Bielsa 'the greatest coach in the world'? | BBC Sport


Guillem Balague profiles Marcelo Bielsa, Leeds United’s eccentric Argentine manager, a man known as ‘El Loco’ and hailed by Pep Guardiola as “the greatest coach in the world”.

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What makes Leeds United’s’ Marcelo Bielsa ‘the greatest coach in the world’? | BBC Sport


Date: October 14, 2020

47 thoughts on “What makes Leeds United's' Marcelo Bielsa 'the greatest coach in the world'? | BBC Sport

  1. He's a less successful version of Rafa Benitez. At least Rafa has won trophies. This guy is a decent coach. But the best? Come on, he needs to win some major competitions before you can say he's the best.

  2. First few games in, he's good value so far in the Premier League. The question remains if his team can sustain this kind of press as the Premier League advances. I am still not sold on him as a top coach because of the deficiency in his trophies cabinet.

  3. Professor Marcelo Bielsa has unique personality, great guy, he helped Leeds United to reach top level, which is incredible.All the best Leeds United, Greeting from INDIA!!

  4. BBC boys, you should have played an Argentine Tango in the background instead of a Spanish paso doble. Spain and Argentina are Worlds apart, you wouldn't fancy to have some US western music as the background to a documentary on London Town!
    Besides, Bielsa is quite a fan of tango as he knows many a tango lyric and even sang one or two to his players at their meetings!

  5. From a blade I really think Leeds are at the beginning of something big what a fantastic manager and a big shout-out to mr mansford luckily we got wilder UTB

  6. What Marcelo Bielsa did to LUFC is similar to what Jurgen Klopp did to LFC !! Both change the culture of fans in believing in themselves and their team and trust their managers . Both happens to be great philosophers, strategists , brilliant in players and club management. Different styles but they produce the results that their clubs have desired for a very long time !

  7. In Argentina I have only to idols in my life.Guillermo Vilas,our best tennis player,& the one and only Marcelo Bielsa.My team in Argentina es Quilmes Athletic Club,founded in 1887.We love Marcelo,we trust in his legacy,his such an honest guy.We are happy for him,and Leeds of course.

  8. Please respect !!! The video is nice !!! Very nice !!! But the music…tango or argentinian folklore or rock " nacional " but NOT fucking spanish music !!! Please !!!

  9. one big shortcoming: He is averse to any language other than Spanish. This is very limiting, almost a contradiction to somebody who is so global .

  10. Watch this vs Tifo on Leeds/Bielsa

    Simply shows why you should stop paying your TV Tax and defund the BBC.

    This production cost BBC probably upwards of £12,000.

  11. 2:08 why do you use music from Spain, when Bielsa is from Argentina. Are you validating the cliché that english people know nothing or don´t care about other cultures?

  12. We have witnessed more great football in the last 2yrs than the previous 15. Fans of this beautiful game, from many teams, want to see him manage in the Premiership. March on together to the title and the premier league.


    He's Argentinian, non Spanish. Put some tango, if you must be stereotypical.

    BTW Guillem, it's pronounced "BarSSelona" not "BarTHelona" in Catalan (shame on you)

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