What makes Leeds United's' Marcelo Bielsa 'the greatest coach in the world'? | BBC Sport


Guillem Balague profiles Marcelo Bielsa, Leeds United’s eccentric Argentine manager, a man known as ‘El Loco’ and hailed by Pep Guardiola as “the greatest coach in the world”.

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What makes Leeds United’s’ Marcelo Bielsa ‘the greatest coach in the world’? | BBC Sport


Date: May 9, 2020

32 thoughts on “What makes Leeds United's' Marcelo Bielsa 'the greatest coach in the world'? | BBC Sport

  1. his name is Bielsa
    the song should go like this,
    he ended up at small clubs
    making players litter pic
    its the only thing his teams have lifted even if they are gifted
    he couldn't get them to score a lot even in the Holbeck district.
    He is like a date rapist,
    forces cunts to have a sleep
    when he counts who his fans shag, he falls to fucking sleep.
    Soon as he faces better defenses, he wont be able to press a button, he'll be back to Argentina with his nob smelling of mutton.

  2. El loco.i knew he was a crazy man since 2002 world cup when he used an unseen formation 3-1-1-3-1-1 which can change into 3-2-2-3 which can change into 4-3-1-1-1 which can change into 4-4-2 which can change into 0-3-1-1-1-4.pls,I am tired.

  3. please someone answer this question. did the triple captain, free hit or bench boost wont work twice unless if you start the FPL from game week one or what? cause find out today when i tried to captain Salah cant activate the triple captaincy because i already used it in GW11. thanks in advance

  4. If he is that good why is not coaching good teams and not wins title. You can't say you are successful because pep thinks you are successful. You are successful if you win trophies.

  5. It’s criminal seeing people who are not at all experience manage man united,Chelsea and Arsenal it’s stupid. This guy is so gd as a Chelsea fan it makes me sad.

  6. Bielsa isn’t the best manager. These are the best managers Alex Furguson, Bill Shankley, Bob Paisley, Matt Bisby, Marcello Lippi, Brian Clough, Johan Cruyff, Arsene Wenger, Ottoman Hitzfeld, Guss Hiddink, Arrigo Sacchi and Rinus Michels.

  7. I followed for quite some time. I wouldn't say the greatest, but he's pragmatic, flexible, patient and inspirational. He's really good, and regardless of thropies and achievements he deserves to be remembered as a great coach.

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