What the? A SECOND Friday MegaStuff Video! Preptober, the Mail-Boy, Friday Reads … and Babies!


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“Local Haunts”!


Date: October 17, 2020

15 thoughts on “What the? A SECOND Friday MegaStuff Video! Preptober, the Mail-Boy, Friday Reads … and Babies!

  1. Want The Man who ate Too Much about James Beard. Worked thru his books Beard on Bread and especially American Cookery where he gives recipes for many U.S regional foods and is a work that reads as kind of history of foods prepared at home. I always thought his commentary and recipes were lyrical. I question the wisdom of the choice of the title, tho.

  2. Laughing out loud 🤣 at the mail man update, especially "never mind that! You mildewy old fossil… with the thousand mile stare… etc" If you wrote a novel using this acute observation style first person humour that is clearly your forte… I'm sure it would be a best seller …readers would be falling off their seats

  3. My cat Ellie instructed me to thank you for showing her photo as she pondered Hamlet. She says she's going to memorize sonnet 73 after she's done zooming around the living room!😻😻😻

  4. They have tried to put Miss Molly on a diet but she goes and steals from the calves then. She refuses any change to her diet.

  5. It didn't take long. Back to describing the mail carrier as a "mail boy" with "luscious abs", "luscious shoulders." You really have no idea what happened to him ?

  6. “ I can smell a bandwagon a mile away”😂. I love it.
    I wanted to read a spooky book for the season so I read The Cabin at the End of the World and it was awful!😩
    Local Haunts is sounding so good and short stories are calling me,

  7. The Eliot Annex sounds fantastic! Fits in with Mutual Admiration and The Equivalents, etc. I will read it, if you ever want a reader!

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