Who is Julian Assange? – BBC News


Some see him as a reckless ‘hacktivist’ – others think he’s a campaigner for truth.

Julian Assange lived in the Ecuadorian embassy for seven years and is the man behind whistleblowing site Wikileaks.

Now he’s been removed from the embassy and arrested by UK police. But why was Assange there in the first place?

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Date: August 28, 2019

37 thoughts on “Who is Julian Assange? – BBC News

  1. Throughout history there have been individuals with the courage and conviction to break man-made laws for the sake of a much greater moral justice. What effect does their suffering, their ostracising, their sacrifice have on their inner personal strength, and what qualities do they bring to the world for the benefit of others? In this interesting article, Heinz Grill discusses these questions with reference to Julian Assange: https://heinz-grill.de/en/relationships-sometimes-happen-through-painful-events-julian-assange/

  2. 🇦🇹The censorship is the younger of two vicious sisters, the older one is called Inquisition. Censorship is the living
           Confession of the great, that they can only act dumb slaves, but can not govern free peoples🕵️‍♂️

  3. the united states have a trend were they kill anyone who exposes the truth. United States did that with Kennedy, Nipsey, and etc. The accusations of Assange are fake, just to give them an excuse to lock him up. crazy how much technology is evolving up to the point when you get sent to jail.

  4. Dear BBC, please investigate why he is in a maximum security prison with serial killers and terrorists, and only half an hour outside per day. The charge, treatment and sentence are entirely punitive and unjust. If he is to be imprisoned, he should have weekend detention only so he can maintain his health and livelihood as would be standard for nominal breaches like this.

  5. 1:09 "potentially" Yes, just as this article or an episode of Noddy could "potentially" cause harm…
     Chomsky and other authorities have clarified that no one was harmed.
     Greenwald and others have clarified that they vetted them for risks.

    Yet, it is completely confirmed that the US corrupt elements and allies have murdered en masse in cold blood, and profoundly interfered with democracy and media. Assange/NYT/Guardian(RIP)/WaPo have revealed this.

    Confirmed that there is a Gestapo, and unwarranted surveillance not only including the innocent, but also targeting the innocent on the basis of political expression deemed excessively democratic or of risk to war-profits.

  6. Where were you when 37 people, whos only crime was political opposition, were puplicly beheaded in Saudi Arabia? If this was Venezuela bet we would have heard and seen you !!!

  7. I don’t think he would’ve done that, and I’m extremely against rape. He falls into a group of people, the same group as me, and we are all against things like rape, child pornography, corruption of governments and corporations, manipulation of the truth etc.

  8. BBC Who the f… trusts in your "Information"? it's rotten and tasteless probaganda! You want us where the Germans were after the second world war…..They did not know. If you and your colleaques would have done the job you'r paid for we would know about those war crimes and false flag chemical attacks without any Wikileaks or Assange – Shame on you, instead of asking the question " How to get solitary confinement plus torture in Great Britain for skipping bail?" Something smells rotten in the state of Britain – and your journalism is sticking out like a sore thumb! After 50years listening "world service" on short wave, reading and watching BBC you've lost me with your blatantly bias journalism. Disgusting !!!

  9. Let the yanks have him, and if he is found guilty of the charges against him – suffer the consequences. Snivelling little piece of shit thinks he is above the law. About time he learnt that he isn't.

  10. The irony of putinists and Kremlin trolls supporting Assange and his “hacktivism” is just beyond mind blowing, considering how Putin is accountable for God knows how many civilian deaths in Syria. Not to mention how much more censored the media is in Russia. Imagine an “Assange” in Russia! We probably wouldn’t even hear of him. At least the western media is free.

  11. People who think its fake news are noy crazy but rather paid. Paid to spread fake news, do u think it will be very hard to kill this man if they want? If he is in russia maybe yes. Outside russia no. Even bin laden is peanuts so what more about this man. Wikileaks title alone is sinister to leak someone secrets so what more country secrets and its peoples safety? So whats good about it?

  12. democracy is a great idea, and i do wish homo sap was up to the required level of intelligence and character needed to get and sustain it. but there you are- all they can do is steal the word, a fig leaf on malevolent oligarchy.

  13. Julian is a hero. The UK should not agree to his extradition to the US. Teresa May should be ashamed of herself for condemning him for publishing the truth of the US dirty politics and corruption and the duplicitous and evil of hillary clinton. Julian should get a medal for his bravery and everyone in the world who stands for truth and justice should support him and demand his freedom.

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