Who is the best overseas player in Premier League history? | BBC Sport


Gabby Logan is joined by Alan Shearer, Ruud Gullit, Chris Sutton and Rory Smith, as they discuss who is the Premier League’s best ever overseas player.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry, Eric Cantona are among the finalists. Who do you think it should be?

From The Premier League Show.


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Who is the best overseas player in Premier League history? | BBC Sport


Date: October 14, 2020

40 thoughts on “Who is the best overseas player in Premier League history? | BBC Sport

  1. Who do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments below ⏬⏬

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  2. the disrespect to aguero🙄shearer the only one who knows how good he is, since shearer himself was a fantastic goal scorer, he knows what he’s on about

  3. Ronaldo was world player of the year at United why do they talk like he left united and became world class ?? Completed nonsense none of the other players although brilliant have never come close to being the best I’m the world

  4. The best I've ever seen when I grew up is Cristiano Ronaldo. Because that impact he had 07/08, when he scored 31 goals, won the CL and PL with United, a fantastic dribbler, surprisingly, got lots of assists as well, and most of all, I think he is the only player in Premier League history (if we discount Michael Owen), he won a Ballon D'Or. Ronaldo maybe been a better overall player for Real than United, but Ronaldo was for me most entertaining to watch when he played in Premier League.
    My List is; GK: van der Sar, DF: Vidic, MF: Ronaldo and FW: Henry.

  5. Hard to choose between the 2. Because both played for the club i love (Arsenal) but without Bergkamp, henry couldn't of broken Wrighty's all time goalscoring record. Bergkamp was just from another planet 🌏. Most underated and talented footballer to ever play the premier league. Iceman it is! 😊👍

  6. Henry and Bergkamp were a class above the rest, literally.
    And the Drogba- Henry debate was so stupid it was laughable.
    Drogba is nowhere near Henry and even Drogba would tell you that.

    edit: the video just shows you how underrated Robert Pires was as well lol.
    He was impeccable, unplayable like the players I mentioned above.

  7. Henry if Ronaldo didn't exist. You can talk prime vs up-and-coming but at the end of the day the question is the best overseas player to have played in the Premier league. If you pick Henry then you're either biased or have been living under a rock for 12 years.

  8. rory said his second choice was drogba then henry third but straight after said henry took the breath away more. make your fucking mind up

  9. Thierry was the best ever in PL history. Total package: Complete goalscorer, creator, dribbler, Pace, strength, power, set-piece specialist. No weakness in his game. Ability to create special moments out of nothing, makes the game look so easy. Also a leader, captained and carried arsenal in his final years. Even went on to conquer europe with Barcelona alongside Messi and Co.

    Easy pick! ❤

  10. MoTD should just scrap punditry and only show highlights and interviews. Lineker and Shearer some of the highest earners at the BBC? What a joke! Just to sit there and read from an autocue or state the obvious as they explain what we've already seen with our own eyes. Most of the analysis is actually done by the production staff and fed to them. It's a jobs for the boys club, ripping off the license fee payer. It doesn't help that most of the pundits are boring, anodyne personalities or diversity hires.

  11. 'Drogba won the champions league' yeah & this is the greatest PREMIER LEAGUE players? So champions league is pointless in this debate! Henry is the greatest player I've ever seen in the Premier League, his goals & records speak for themselves.

  12. People always say drogba won them the champions league. And he did let’s not forget, but he scored one goal late on, a header from a corner. People go on about it as if he scored a last minute hat trick or as if he was the only good player, he wasn’t like Gerrard in Istanbul or agains West Ham in cup final.

  13. Gullit knows nothing about footbal, you could see he was irritating Shearer with his lack of logic and he left him out of Newcastle team which bemused Shearer, what a fucking idiot.

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