Who is the most iconic Premier League player of the decade? | MOTDx


MOTDx’s Jermaine Jenas, Craig Mitch, Chelcee Grimes and Reece Parkinson get together to debate which Premier League player should go down in history as the most iconic of the last decade, from 2010-2019.

What do you think of their choice?

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Who is the most iconic Premier League player of the decade? | MOTDx


Date: October 16, 2020

46 thoughts on “Who is the most iconic Premier League player of the decade? | MOTDx

  1. Eden hazard nominated for POTY 5 times in his 7 seasons won YPOTY POTY and got into the TOTY 4 times in his seasons. This crew is a joke

  2. How the hell is the reason that aguero isn't the most iconic player is because he isn't as good at speaking English as kompany, also the dismissal of hazard is insulting, the fact Kane is in the list after hazard is out is extremely delusional and the fact that David silva, yaya toure and gerrard (purely for the slip) aren't in here is criminal, so biase it's insane.

  3. Seriously? ESPN pundits could come up with a better choice than this… almost as bad as picking Van Dijk in you r team of the decade video when he played like 2 seasons only…

  4. The Iconic Trio – Aguero, Kompany, Silva.
    The goal scorer, The captain, The playmaker.
    From noisy neighbors to four time Champions.
    All 3 are totally different players yet all 3 were the best at what they did.

  5. I don’t get this shit about Eden hazard being up and down. He had one bad season where we finished 10th. That alone indicates how important he was to the most successful team in England over the last decade. This man is tragically underrated and I never realised how blind “football fans” can be

  6. Who’s this guy in the grey jacket really? His arguments are so shit and I would have destroyed everything he’s saying, guys a big muppet and has no clue what an icon is, an Icon is a role model and someone people look up to, that’s Jamie vardy and kompany really and for my arguments sake Milner isn’t far off that but really and truly this conversation isn’t complete without atleast mentioning man like Wayne Rooney, what a badman

  7. Hazard went from the most overrated to most underrated player. People actually forget what he’s been doing the past 7 years

  8. U shouldn’t have got straight rid of Milner, it wasn’t about who was the most talented player, you’ve done that. In terms of a pl icon he’s completely that

  9. Best player of the last decade – David Silva regardless of what that board says. He has been even more important to Man City than Aguero. If no David then between Vincent and Sergio.

  10. Where is David Silva….. Kante….. why is Harry Kane and sterling on that list for that long. Hazard and Aguero should be the top two

  11. Idgaf about icon status , Harry Kane won 0 prem titles, there’s ABSOLUTELY no chance he’s more iconic than a Vardy or a Hazard 😂

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