Who is the Premier League's best ever team? | BBC Sport


Sir Alex Ferguson’s treble winners? Jose Mourinho’s first Chelsea team? or Arsene Wenger’s ‘Invincibles’?

Gabby Logan is joined by Ian Wright, Wes Brown, Chris Sutton and Miguel Delaney debate to find out the Premier League’s best ever team.

Which team will win?


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Who is the Premier League’s best ever team? | BBC Sport


Date: May 9, 2020

48 thoughts on “Who is the Premier League's best ever team? | BBC Sport

  1. Chelsea 2016 was much better than 2010 they were more consistent they actually played as a team.
    2014 was also better than 2010.
    Chelsea won it with ease in 14 and 16 thy only won on last day in 10

  2. Treble winners without doubt remember going to the penultimate weekend one of United, Arsenal or Chelsea could've still won the league. Plus Leeds had that exciting young team under O'Leary the competition was a much fiercer than what the Invincibles had.

  3. Train like it was a game. Wes Brown pointed it out. Wright and Bergkamp also mentioned that during the intensified rivalry with Man Utd, the training was the same. Just do not see it with the newest teams and its a sad thing. Liverpool probably worked the hardest and about to be rewarded.

  4. The best team has to be Man Utd 1999! The simple fact is no PL team in history has won the CL & PL double other than Man Utd so they were the best in England & ALL of Europe! That season Utd won the lot

    Other teams can go unbeaten in the league & call themselves invincibles but thats baffling when you go out of 3 cup competitions & the CL

    Arsenal wouldnt of been unbeaten in PL if perez didnt cheat & dive to win a pen at highbury against Portsmouth! Plus 12 draws, hardly unplayable & Chelsea done them in CL over 2 legs so not so invincible!

    1st Utd 99 (PL & CL & FA Cup & Club world cup)
    2nd Utd 07/08 (PL & CL & Club world cup)
    3rd City 18/19 (Domestic Treble & 1st to do so & record win run & pts)
    4th Arsenal 03/04 (Unbeaten PL)
    5th Chelsea 04/05 (Jose 1st year & best defensive record ever)

  5. City were miles better than any other team in the league. They changed the way other teams play. They smashed records all over the place. City are the top team.

  6. Reality: Man Utd 99 & 08 teams won multiple trophies in one year including European cup and the EPL & they also won the EPL three years on the trot. We've witnessed in the past few years how difficult that is to do.

  7. Depends on what the question really is.

    Is it best Premier League team, just looking at the Premier League season?


    Best English side across a season, taking in all competitions as well?

    Just Premier League only, has to be the Invincibles, because literally they couldn't be beaten, everyone else was.

    All competitions included, 98/99 take it.

    Simple as that.

  8. 05-10 Chelsea or 07/08 United.Those two were the best teams in the World.The invincible team was never the best in the World.They made the 08 final and the 09(i count Chelsea made it cause referee Cheated). 99 United, 04 Arsenal and 18'City come in close.

  9. Funny how ManUtd's 1995/96 double winning team isn't on here but Arsenal's 1997/98 double winning team is when ManUtd 95/96 won with 4 more points than Arsenal 97/98 (82 – 78) scored more goals (73 – 68) had better goal difference (+38 – +35) beat 2nd place by more points (4-1) and retained their title the following season where as Arsenal failed to win any of their next 3 PL campaigns.

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