'WHO should be ashamed' of its role as China's 'public relations agency': Trump


US President Donald Trump says the World Health Organisation “should be ashamed of themselves” for serving as a “public relations agency for China”.

“[The US] pays them almost $500 million a year and China pays them almost $38 million a year,” the president said.

“They shouldn’t be making excuses when people make horrible mistakes, especially mistakes that are causing hundreds of thousands of people around the world to die,” he said.

Mr Trump also claimed to have seen evidence that gave him “a high degree of confidence” the virus originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology but withheld any detail.

“We’re going to find out. You’ll be learning in the not-too-distant future. But it’s a terrible thing that happened – whether they made a mistake or whether it started off as a mistake and then they made another one. Or did somebody do something on purpose?” he said.

Contrary to the President’s claim, a report from the Office of Director of National Intelligence suggested the nation’s collective intelligence community did not believe the coronavirus was manmade or genetically modified.

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Date: May 6, 2020

47 thoughts on “'WHO should be ashamed' of its role as China's 'public relations agency': Trump

  1. Why harsh words for China only? Why not for facilitators like Tedros & Others from WHO also?, , They surely deserve much worse than soft words like ‘ ASHAMED.’

  2. https://journals.plos.org/plospathogens/article?id=10.1371/journal.ppat.1001176

    "Increasing the intracellular Zn2 + concentration

    with zinc ionophores such as pyrithione (PT), the replication of several

    Obstruct RNA viruses efficiently. "

    when it increases Zn2 + ions in your cell, it attaches

    Adheres to the RNA polymerase (RdRp) by the 2+ charge, the higher

    zinc ion concentration blocks this RNA polymerase (RdRp), too

    RNA replicase has the only input to replicate. "Zn2 + was the most

    efficient inhibitor of SARS-CoV nsp12 RdRp activity ”


    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18200755 again zinc

    50 years of lying, so many lives no 250.000 all F..ucking RNA Virusses are stopped bij a 55 year old malaria drug called Chloroquine or HydroxyChloroquine with 220 Zinc in 8-12 hours COVID-19 symptom free after 36h tested COVID-19 free around the globe more than 4000 off-label and 0 deads a view IC hahaah Dr Lucifer Fauci . it's a big joke Zinc ahahah never been proven never effective EBM Fu….k him DEVIL is Zinc is THE Silver and HDQ the bullet, there is only the 50% effective rest never to be found.. 700 clinical trails with Evidence Based Fucing MEdicine HDQ/Azitromicine bla bla NO Zinc added is this a bad movie?? Am I in a parralel universe, dreaming only at same time at same place in Zn2+ ions can enter inter cellular space lose bind but block RNA-polymerase (RdRp) preventing the RNA replicase machine to make hundreds copies and do a hostile lung take over you drowning ON F…ink land!! The flu, Zika, Ebola Corona, Sars 1,2,3 and 4 do it the same way… No wait till the SAFE & EFFECTIVE genetical antibody mix of MR Evil Fauci and WHO Devils plan will arrive to the rescue… my trust in medical science is GONE FOREVER!!

  3. Nov 15 US warned allies about Chinese mysterious pneumonia cases in Wuhan?

    China was not even aware of these cases, why US already knew.

    Dec 27 Sample from one patient in France tested positive afterwards

    Dec (Late) first case covid-19 reported in Wuhan

    Dec 27 a doctor in Wuhan reported 3 suspicious cases; he thought it is SARS virus

    So China did not think the virus can be spread easily because SARS does not spread easily

    Dec 29 Wuhan disease agency and hospital started investigation

    Dec 31 Chinese team specialists arrive at Wuhan to investigate

    Dec 31 China inform WHO 41 mysterious pneumonia cases

    Dec 31 Chinese Team was not sure human to human infection is possible

    Dec 31 Taiwan CDC email WHO to share information about mysterious cases

    Jan 1 China close Wuhan seafood market

    Jan 3 China notifiy WHO including US the developments

    Jan 7 Investigation identified covid-19

    Jan 7 US CDC planned for a pandemic, established Incident Management Structure

    Jan 8 US CDC noticed to state and local health on lookout for sick

    people returning from Wuhan

    Jan 11 China reports first covid-19 death

    Jan 11 China upload DNA sequence to international cloud depository

    Jan 13 first case outside China in Thailand

    Jan 14 Team found no evidence human to human is possible

    Jan 14 WHO remind countries danger of covid-19

    Jan 16 Japan reported first case of traveller back from China

    Jan 16 US CDC issue new virus warning

    Jan 16 White House advisor warned the President of impending pendamic

    Jan 17 CDC screened passengers from Wuhan

    Jan 18 US Health secretary briefed President on danger of virus

    Jan 19 Wuhan commission said epidemic is preventable and controllable?

    Jan 20 first US case reported

    Jan 20 Chinese president announcement

    Jan 20 Top Chinese health official announce spread between persons possible

    Jan 21 CDC activated Emergency Response System

    Jan 22 WHO convened meeting whether to declare "public health emergency",

    they knew virus had spread between persons; but did not know who easily.

    Jan 23 China quaranteed Wuhan

    Jan 23 WHO issue warning all countries should prepare actions to contain

    Jan 23 Trump received briefings from agencies

    Jan 25 US close Wuhan embassy

    Jan 27 CDC warns level 3 travel to China

    Jan 28 Trump tweeted he received briefings from agencies, also work closely with China

    Jan 29 Peter Navarro warned about pandemic

    Jan 30 WHO declared Public Health Emergency

    Feb 2 US block visitors from China

    Feb 6 First US covid-19 death

    Feb ? China warned covid-19 can be air borne

    Feb 29 Fauci said risk is still low until community spread reported

    March 9 Trump downplayed coronavirus, comparing it to flu

    Mar 11 WHO declared pandemic

  4. UK government also needs to stop paying into this deeply corrupt organisation. WHO needs dismantling and replaced by a fresh organisation minus the likes of China and any other corrupt countries.

  5. Wow check out WHO. leader scurrying across the floor like a monkey to shake the hand of Pooh the pig farming man, Walt Disney couldn't have made a better cartoon clip than that.

  6. Trudeau is going to start rounding people up that is the next step.

    TOO all of Canada.
    That is why.
    He wants to take your guns.

  7. Servants to the cabal complicit or through ignorance // Enemies to humanity complicit or through ignorance. The Truth shall illuminate imminently. WHO is advised to seek shelter somewhere.

  8. Indeed WHO is corrupt and biased towards china and trusted their words but I think they were also denied access to china to have a clear undestanding of the situation.more like North korea.

  9. Why is this scum Jim Acosta still allowed into the WH to ask stupid questions? What changed huh, well a-hole, as things unravel and more information comes thru, people do change their minds….how hard is it for this dumb f**k to realize?
    He supports migrant caravans, open borders and now basically functioning as a mouthpiece for the CCP. What more proof is needed to bar this mofo from the WH briefings? And then he should be tried for treason!!!

  10. I don't understand how this isn't an act of war. If the truth comes out that China deliberately let the virus get out then that's an act of war. Pure and simple. At best it's gross incompetence.

  11. Trump loves China so much. He has no chance to be re-elected without China. And I bet China wants trump to be re-elected because they know his incompetency can ruin his own country.

  12. While the West has been bickering and blaming the East China has built a very powerful navy, now who are the stupid ones us or them? War is the last thing that the world needs.

  13. Tedros and WHO has been sucking bloods and sweats out of US for years but totally working just for China’s benefits, it is time The US MUST STOP ALL OF THESE NONSENSE AND STAND UP FOR OUR OWN PEOPLES AND COUNTRY’S BENEFITS. Americans have to stand together facing the devil Communist China for ourselves and our children’s future, NOW OR NEVER ✊✊✊, GOD BLESS AMERICA ❤️✊.

  14. What is so clear is how the WHO were more like lap dogs and sportscasters for China rather than guard dogs for the health of the world! This IS a living nightmare, so Pinhead (from Hellraisers) if you're listening, do the WHO a housecall, will ya?

  15. ‘Na no evidence, but vote for me in the next election as I was slow to react and my USP for re-election was going to be the economy but now I have to publicly blame someone as to not appear to be at fault so I get to serve a second term’ There, that’s the translation of you folks.

  16. Per capita. Were doing alright. We're like 3 or 4 European Countries put together. And we're gonna bust the chains of this lockdown. And yes…..more will die, but from the ashes of the dead, our economy will rise….our resolve will harden…our bodies will become shielded….and we will smite this pompous Red Dragon! Death is inevitable. But Liberty is only eternal when bought with the blood of Patriots

  17. What's with the golden curtains? Trump is sucking up to china. China is not buying material, china is buying officials, industries, even lands and resources. Like china was trying to invade Africa the resources like gold and the like . Only hiring Chinese.

  18. This is just another Trumpian fantasy to deflect from his incompetence. Analysis of the virus indicates it comes from natural origins. It doesn’t bind all that well to human alveoli cells , hence the number of asymptomatic people or people with mild illnesses. Why design a biological agent that isn’t particularly effective??

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