Why a Doctor Was Forced to Leave China


He’s an experienced Chinese medicine doctor and had a well-established clinic in Beijing. But now he’s been forced to flee the country.

His name is Zhao4 Zhong1yuan2, and he was doing what a doctor does— treating patients.

But what makes him different is… many of his patients are Chinese human rights lawyers.

Zhao Zhongyuan
Doctor of Chinese medicine
“These human rights lawyers, they are the backbone of Chinese society. Their one and only goal are to change China from a country under the rule of man, to one that’s under the rule of law. ”

These lawyers–his patients–have defended the various victims of the Chinese regime’s human rights abuses. Their cases include religious groups like Falun Gong practitioners and land-seizure victims. But after defending the groups, the lawyers themselves also became targets of the regime’s suppression.

In 2014, four lawyers visited a detention center in northeastern China, seeking the release of illegally-detained Falun Gong practitioners. Instead, the lawyers were arrested and tortured.

Zhao Zhongyuan
Doctor of Chinese medicine
“They have a total of over twenty broken ribs. For Tang Jitian, both his front and back ribs were fractured. // I saw their X-ray images. The images police showed them all had no sign of injury, but when they did the examination on their own again, after they were released, every one of them had injuries. ”

One year later, in July 2015, about 300 human rights advocates in China were rounded up and interrogated across the country. Many of them had their license suspended, while some were detained or sentenced to jail. The event became known as the 709 crackdown.  

Among those imprisoned is Beijing-based lawyer, Li–who Doctor Zhao personally treated.

Li suffered a severe leg injury because he was forced to stand in a military posture everyday for three months. He told Zhao that police followed him wherever he went, including the restroom, and controlled every detail of his life.

Zhao Zhongyuan
Doctor of Chinese medicine
“For example, if you feel itchy on the face and want to scratch it, No, you have to ask for permission first. “Report! I need to scratch my face!” The police would respond, “where? Left side or right side?” “Left side.” Then you are allowed to scratch the left side for one time. If you scratch even one more time, they will hit you. ”

Another Lawyer Zhao treated, was severely beaten and couldn’t move for three months afterward.

According to a Human Rights Watch report, other means used to torture rights defenders include sleep deprivation and forced medication. Zhao said his friends also experienced this.

Zhao met several human rights activists online about a decade ago. When the head of a Chinese village–who was defending land rights–died in a suspicious accident, Zhao was the first person to pay him a visit.

The trip resulted in his first police interrogation–but also earned him a group of friends who are similarly pursuing democracy and freedom in China. 

His clinic in Beijing later became a gathering place for like-minded advocates. After the lawyers were released from prison, they came to him for help and received more than physical treatments.

Zhao Zhongyuan
Doctor of Chinese medicine
Once they came to my place, they can now see their like-minded friends, many of those they know before being imprisoned, and they can communicate with each other, then they have that sense of safety again, and it would alleviate their anxiety. ”

While he shared their pain, Zhao was also inspired by the lawyers’ courage. In 2015, after the crackdown, very few lawyers were left. Even fewer dared to defend the first lawyer arrested in the roundup, named Wang Yu.

But Li, a more than 60-year-old female lawyer, came to Beijing and immediately took the case. At the same time, she prepared for the worst.

Zhao Zhongyuan
Doctor of Chinese medicine
“She signed the forms and told the person meeting her: If something bad happens to me, please also help me find a lawyer.
Think about it, she knew she would be arrested, yet she took Wang’s case without hesitation. ”

She was arrested in 2017 and charged with what the

As for Zhao, Chinese police had repeatedly harassed him, and closely monitored his clinic. Authorities also suspended the medical license for his clinic in 2016–since the families and supporters of the detained human rights lawyers often meet there.

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Date: August 8, 2020

45 thoughts on “Why a Doctor Was Forced to Leave China

  1. This report may be exaggerated or not 100% accurate but the fact that such bullying of human rights lawyers exists is just too sad…China is such a basket case…

  2. Make china accountable for the death of hundreds of thousands and rising and for the loss of millions of jobs causing pain, chaos, misery and poverty to their families. MAKE CHINA ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE HORSESHOE BAT VIRUS

  3. A CCP-Goverment is the worst dictator-regime label in a humanity~violance history in the world like al qaedah,hezbollah,isis&taliban ideology who it's also to replace a gestapo facist-nazi tyranny or they havebeen take over 'the ex soviet-union rules` like mr.stalin

  4. Its downright stupid to call him a doctor.
    He shd be called a chinese physician !!!
    Duh … typical misleading of public.
    I m abandoning this channel … typical lying yellow.

  5. I can't believe the CCP have done such a good job of brainwashing their population that there are actually people who like them. It's Stockholm syndrome on a mass scale.

  6. Flee to a remote area.Pray and Seek God. Repent and accept Christ as your Lord and Saviour.
    For our warfare are not carnal but mighty thru the pulling down of strongholds.
    Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ 2 Corinthians 10.4-5
    Rise up and pray, you cannot do anything but to pray cos the battle belongs to God. Once struck dead you can no longer be saved.

  7. Pascal Wang

    Answered Apr 2, 2019

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    Hua is 华,Wei is 为. These two characters come from two phrases which has their own meaning respectively.

    华is the last character of phrase 心系中华,which means Thinking for China;

    为is the last character of phrase 有所作为,which means Making a difference.

    In conclusion, Huawei refers to: Thinking for China, Making a difference.

    心系中华,有所作为 is the slogan posted in the office when the company is founded.

  8. CCP China so EVIL ..they have "NO HEART" at all !! also the "Elite" allowed them become a member of Human Rights in UN.
    So many..Lies, Cruelty & Hidden News, they DID against humanity. One day…CCP Virus, the world will 'CRACK you DOWN" !

  9. My left nose is itchy but I can't scratch it until Xi Jinping gives me permission to do so. My other nose is itchy, darn, I have to ask again or his men will hit me.

  10. That's messed up. Prosecuting doctors for doing his job to save a lawyer who just happens to represent clients that the CCP don't like. This sounds like something out of a science fiction book but it's happening now and no joke.

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