Why Can’t Trump Criticize Maxine Waters’ Intelligence? | Larry Elder Show


While Trump is called racist and sexist for insulting the intelligence of Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Larry goes through how many times Trump has criticized people regardless of race and gender. He also points out when Congresswoman Waters has also criticized others’ intelligence, as well as some of her “intelligent” comments.

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Date: July 15, 2020

43 thoughts on “Why Can’t Trump Criticize Maxine Waters’ Intelligence? | Larry Elder Show

  1. Yep we can laugh about it but do you think in their mind they actually think this is the definition of racism? Do you think maybe it’s their vocabulary it’s so narrow that they don’t know any better? I mean I’m not racist but this one is a complete idiot. I’m white and Adam shift is a liar I’m not a racist because he’s an idiot and he’s a liar. I’m still waiting for the evidence on Russia

  2. This is not intended to be a joke, but did Maxine Waters graduate high school? The things that come out of her mouth sound like she in nursery’ school. Impeach 45 repetitively like a mantra? And then if you see anyone at a gas station or the grocery store attack them? Who talks like this? How did she get her position? I am just in all of this woman. She wouldn’t want to meet me in the dark alley.

  3. That’s because most voters don’t see skin color when voting for people with the power to either protect or strip them of their rights and liberties……except for democrats because they either don’t understand or they have contempt for said rights and liberties?

    Can you Imagine Maxine Waters as your Wife nagging at your ass from across the house with that damned chainsaw on a chalkboard voice and that damned tractor print face?
    Jesus Christianson…..she better get used to living alone.

  4. Waters knows the Democrat establishment and the MSM have her back. She can say anything without fear- Professor Toobin will be there for her. So she's corrupt, maybe even evil, but I wouldn't say she's stupid – just possesses the low cunning and survival instinct of the urban Democrat pandering politician.

  5. Student Loan Is Gov't Owned, 3rd Banker Comment …&…. Who Is Spearheading Projects…Sad…That Parents Are Paying For….The Demize Of American Society…As Taught In Schools…N…Paid For By You, Parent of America…Watch Professors Symposium"s ….Where Is The Curriculum…

  6. all these people are far to old to hold office they should be made retired age 65 they are all there to rip the goverment off get as much money as they can get from kick backs They do not give two fucks about the country and iits problems they just stir the pot to defect the shifty deals they are do

  7. so, basically, if you speak in a language they do not understand or if you do not make loans anymore, you are racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic….no prob, I think we all got it.

  8. Mad max , pick that face up it's dragging the gutter again. Hell it would take a year to do a facelift on her. And there would be enough skin left over to make barry obama a jacket out of. That is one nasty thing.

  9. Clinton incorporated ( elements of democrats, law enforcement agencies including the FBI county, state and federally) engaged in profiteering from the trafficking of drugs from cartels, and organized criminal activities. Often these corupt democrats will use the race card to change the focus and attention from themselves .

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