Why did Boris Johnson back Brexit? BBC News


Veteran documentary maker Michael Cockerell, who has interview Boris Johnson several times, discusses his motives for backing the Brexit campaign.

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Date: September 29, 2019

44 thoughts on “Why did Boris Johnson back Brexit? BBC News

  1. I'm fed up of this "Brexit means Brexit" line.
    Brexit is not happening, simple as that. Current Globalist Agendas, Biased Controlled media will not allow it.
    It was simply a Cameron/Osbourne screw up.
    They called the public's bluff, and they lost.
    Now the Establishment will spend years unravelling the people's vote.
    End of discussion.

  2. Mainly because he was told to, just like how he is really saying he "would like to be PM" IF "they" let him.

    Implementing Brexit and renegotiating our trade deals with Europe is going to be hard, serious work. Its difficult to see how intrdoducing the element of knockabout comedy into these negotiations via the appointment of Boris Johnson as foreign secretary is going to help things go smoothly. I cant help wondering if this is a deliberate attempt by Theresa May to sabotage the process: if it was a difficult task before, with Boris at the helm is pretty much assured to fail.
    If he has any sense, he would not have acceptted this poisoned-chalice appointment. The new PM is essentially telling him "you got us into this mess, you can get us out of it", while knowing there is no chance of that happening. She hopes to come out of it blameless, with the hapless Boris taking the flak.

    Its a crass political game and, in the end, the country could suffer.

  3. Cuz like Cameron he's one of Satan's (Freemasonry) Little Helpers
    Brexit was all about having an excuse to introduce SUPER LOW CORPORATION TAX
    Which like Brexit will take at least 20 years to undo

  4. I think its time to shut the BBC News down because its no longer serious about the news and finds it difficult to avoid bias. Interestingly there are rumours that this has been considered. Good, when it happens please shut the rest of it down as well and let me save some licence money. Lots of other good news providers out there.

  5. "It's a tough job being a Prime Minister !"    That is some understatement from this idiot.  The job of running the country was not the toughest for David Cameron. His toughest job was keeping at bay the hyenas and vipers, like this buffoon, within his party. And, now, I hear that Theresa May might actually include him and Michael Gove in her cabinet ?! Jesus Christ !!!  I hope she has invested in some anti-venom and a full suit of armour !

  6. jesus christ tv has really gone down hill.. surely bbc is government funded and operated.. theres no way people would pay voluntarily for this rubbish

  7. well done mr blobby. You and your bodger mates have messed everything up with your lies and deceit and now you have run away back to your millionaire pads and left a steaming mess for others to clean up. …

  8. I'm minted and vote Leave. Why would I want to be surrounded by poor people? Make being rich a bit stressful

    .. actually i'm not joking – I grew up in Coventry and work in 'the city' but I'm totally aware of what's going on. The funny thing is since the referendum I'm often been called a racist and stupid. I have to admit – since the referendum I am more racist. I can't believe white people could be as stupid as to vote remain

  9. Many brexitier MPs wrote an unanimous letter suggesting Cameron should stay, but he resigned anyway and then:

    Gove – Loose out as the next PM as only few who trust him
    Boris – Backstabbed by Gove
    Andrea – Stepped down from the race due to lack of experience
    Farage – Resigned, claimed it is job done (eventhough it not even started yet)

    Where the hell are all the brexitier gone from this crucial times? hiding? from what? Why can't these brexitier take responsibility for their own action? These brexitiers MPs proven to be a bunch of cowards.

  10. He's an opportunist. At times he is against or for EU according to what position he thinks will get him more votes. He doesn't care about the well being of the UK, he cares about his career.

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