Why did the US allow the Taliban to takeover Afghanistan? – BBC News


As the US and its allies continue their urgent evacuations from Kabul, Ros Atkins looks at the US-Taliban deal of February 2020 and the role it has played in the militant group’s takeover of Afghanistan.

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Date: September 17, 2021

47 thoughts on “Why did the US allow the Taliban to takeover Afghanistan? – BBC News

  1. It was Trump steel was conditions-based and we weren’t leaving until the conditions were met number one number two we were never given up the Air Force Base and we will leave in 2500 people there because it was a strategic base close to China we were never leaving totally we were just getting all our people out and all the people that help us. Plus Trump told the leader of Afghan you mess with us we know where you live we’re gonna drop bombs on it that’s why for 18 months not one US citizen or soldier was killed or hurt because of fear and balls the size a bowling balls. Biden closing week WOKE Cause death I woke person cannot lead America because that man Tallardy is week and a week mentality cannot be the leader of the world. Because that’s what the US president is they dictate world order or chaos and you’re seeing a difference on the Trump we had order on the butter head Biden it’s chaos

  2. God Bless & help the young kids that will b future soldiers. Biden put our country @ risk by letting all Afghans just get on planes instead of focusing on Americans & allies & Afghans that helped the U.S. soldiers stay alive in Afghanistan

  3. What a hypocritical headline, is it all about hand over and permission or/and defeat n humilation. This is total defeat, the end of U.S empire n the begenning of the end of all imperialism.

  4. In the United States, they threatened the countries that help the Taliban with consequences !!??? The degenerates left them $ 200,000,000,000 worth of weapons !!! And now they blame everyone for some kind of help to the Taliban ,who created it themselves, as well as Al Qaeda, which blew up the Pentagon and the World Trade Center ! ! ! In American politics, there are only morons or no brains at all, some kind of inferior functionaries !!

  5. This waste of human skin traitor(Miley) put a stain on my father who served in WW2 in the Philippines,  all my Uncles who served in WW2 and Korea including one who earned a Purple Heart in Italy,  my brother who served in Vietnam,  all those who have served,  are serving and will serve,  including myself.
    He is a traitor.

    ….Why do you think USA found Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan near an Army base ?

  7. The famous phrase the grapes are sour for American. America defeated.America have to give up. Taliban made their own government on their behalf U.S.A did not allow actually he has failed to deal with massive taliban


  9. You have to think bbc has people reading the comments and how nobody believes the propaganda bbc is done defunded very soon.

  10. Its how you managed the withdrawal and getting people out that mattered, biden deliberately created a huge hostage situation. Nobody ever voted to waste 2 Trillion in that garbage dump.

  11. Another network working for Biden…like we don't already have enough fake news! 🤦🏻‍♀️ no wonder sane people think this worlds coming to an end.

  12. Because Afghanistan is their country like usa is your country.why you want to takeover other country.just manage your country.as easy as that for those who has brain and can think

  13. Seriously this is pathetic.there is no any kind of democracy left in India. 24 hours Godi media is showing and talking about afganistan. Why don't they are not showing the news of #sabiyasaifi . Just because she was #Muslim . Let me tell you one truth ' KUTTO TUMEH NARAK MAI BHI JAGAH NAHI MILEGI '

    Literally you all sale your everything. There is no any kind of humanity or dignity left in #india .


    One more thing DELHI POLICE is not come under Aam Aadmi Party .


    She was only 21 years old and she was head counstable in #DelhiPolice . Yes she was in Delhi police.

    Now just imagine how much our sisters and mothers are safe in INDIA.

    If you go few years back all media and all potitons were talked and tweted about #daminis case.

    You know why ?

    Because they all wants to show that they were so much hurted and they want to got sympathy of public but today where are all they are?

    Ladkiyu ka dharam dekh ke justice milta hai is NAYE #Bharat mai.

    After gang rape 50 times they stabbed her through knife. They put the knife in her mouth and get it out from her neck. They cut her complete breast from her body at that time she was alive. Just imagine how much she was suffered from that pain or itna sb hone ke baad bhi yeh kutte victim ka DHARAM dekh rhe hai.

    Sach mai in kutto ko dekh ke na RAM ji bhi yeh desh chrd ke chle gaye honge.

    #justiceforsabiyasaifi #DelhiRapeCase #GodiMedia #IndiaPolitics #Delhipolice #politicsnation #InternationalNews #BBN #CNNnews #BlackDayForIndianDemocracy #NoHumanRights #nodemocracy #canada #unitedstatesofamerica #socialmediamarketing #justiceForRabiya #WorldNews #ModiSarkar #indiatvnews #AajTakHD #Citynews #NewIndia #SupremeCourt #CBI #DelhiHighCourt #sabiyawantjustice #Sangamvihar #realanimal #Hindustan

  14. Their basic human rights are being taken. All nations need to stand together to protect the women so they can be amazing in their careers and life

  15. I learnt the hard way, that there's never a good time to withdraw American forces… …. Withdraws American forces………

  16. Typical leftards blaming someone else! Liberals are poison and cannot take responsibility for anything…blame trump 🙄

  17. US is still unable to see the truth that the root cause of all the present problems in Afghanistan is the Pakistan. Unless it dealt with Pakistan with stern hands, it was bound to fail in Afghanistan.

  18. USA betrayed 34 million innocent Aghan lives
    .war crimes comitted and literally handing power over to terrorists…
    All fake news..you cannot brain wash people anyone with lies….

  19. so superpower country made negotiation with a group of people means they were loosing in Afghanistan otherwise there won't be any point of negotiating your enemy.

  20. Pulling out isn't the issue it's who you choose to take over power is the issue. So how could Trump being from a modern democracy anti terrorists chosen terrorists to make a, deal in doha? How could Trump made another espérate deal with ghani to leave without a, fight and command top military afghan leaders to leave. Then biden goes as true incompetent without informing afghan soldiers that Bagram air base is given over to terrorists! It is known that top afghan g es nwraks ordered soldiers to surrender and were after slaughtered from terrorists take no prisoners. So Trump is bs as well as Biden who didn't change deal as he has with borders deal. Both have chosen terrorists in power when leaving. They ignored vp Saleh or masoud that had spoken to USA about problems with deal. Trump didn't care nor did biden to deal with terrorists talibans and haqqani who has 5 m bounty to decide who gets on planes to foreign land of enemy USA. How can Trump even for one moment think we are so stupid. His intentions are to create huge caos in Afghanistan, increase of terror attacks in our western lands. And turkey doesn't want afghans refugees because know many fleeing for poverty and infiltrated talibans. Please see those documentaries of Afghanistan during these 20 years. The afghan men are horrible, high abuse, selling minors as brides, backed up talibans punishment and executing women raped as adulterous. So no, gor exceptions of afghan allies I don't want afghan men in western lands that have kidnapped boys or family betraying their 5 yr old son selling him to afghan men as basha as tradition culture. There is also deep corruption in afghans men , not only top govt leaders. No thanks.

  21. I love America and Americans
    It's a blessed country.
    When all American presidents reduced the power of terrorists,
    Stupid joe Biden empowered them by giving all kinds of American military vehicles, helicopters, and weapons. now they are stronger than before

  22. News channel ass, Benhiden isent my president 💪🏾 all democrats need to take the vaccine they deserve this for ruining this country and making it harder on the economy for no reason.

  23. Like I told Fareed Zakaria :
    You wish for their because the disbelievers are against Taliban and trying their very best to make them fail.
    You very well know how bad was the corruption of government in Afghanistan was for last 20 years and Americans did nothing to rectify the problem. Police robbing the people at check points, sodomizing young boys while they were on duty, war lords freely raping any of women they wished and drug trafficking and abuse among Afghans a big issue but the Americans and the extremely corrupt government did give a shit. Taliban cares about all these issues because they are part of the Afghan society and when the limbs are hurting, the entire body feels the pain. The West, my dear brothers, do not understand this concept.
    The USA went in Afghanistan because 9/11? Fared you should know better than that. 911 was inside job by Bush and them. A&E and the truth about 911 is well documented. Building 7, a 47 stories building size of a soccer field, came down in less than 7 seconds from office fire?
    Get real guys. The West is trying to pull a another fast one by pulling the rug from under the Taliban’s feet.

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