Why India has been overwhelmed by a second Covid surge – BBC Newsnight


46 thoughts on “Why India has been overwhelmed by a second Covid surge – BBC Newsnight

  1. The Great Tribulation had commenced to test humans from all nations over the entire world. The time of truth is coming, the Lord is destroying all religions and atheism, breaking down all assembly of people praying within building, over all religions on earth, even including mega churches. This is the time to pray at home, individually seek for God, individually meet God in privacy, talk to God, not the god(s) of religion(s), but the Creator of the universe. THE ONLY SOLUTION: call the Creator with all your heart, with all your soul, then you will see what will happen to your life. Covid-19 is nothing on the eye of the Creator. This happened to me, it will happen to you too.

  2. People are going to hate me saying this, but I would be sure that if Britain still ruled India, this would not have happened.

  3. It's amazing what lengths politicians will go to outright deny or downplay anything which could jeopardize their re-election or a continuation of the comfort and perks of their political careers, even if that thing is killing scores of the same people they govern. They sweet-talk and convince us they're acting on behalf of our best interests. Now it's out for all the world to see. Trump played by the same script. His downplay cost 500K+ lives. Just mind-bending!

  4. Shameless Modi where is he ? Can we drag him and put right infront of public and question him for hijacking foreign supplies

  5. because we are fools who glorify criminals because they are of same sir name as ours , because we dont respect our police , army and doctors , because we are so intolerant and because any politician can manupilate us because of our religion and we think criminals are brave

  6. Why should the rest of the world put there hands in there pockets to help them out.At the end of the day they made this happen to themselves. No lock down and the people just dont want to protect themselves. Its like in the old day they need to be told how high to jump before they jump

  7. They deserve everything comming to them.Not only putting there own lifes at risk but the rest of the world all because of religion prays

  8. This BJP foreign spokes person is quite an ignoramus. Janaat e. Islami was supposed to be a spreader but not the Kumbh Mela. Political gatherings are huddling together and he has no scientific answer

  9. The sinals of aphocalypse is happening. The bible is real. God has prepared us a way of salvation througt the death and ressurection of Jesus Crist. Read the bible. Pray and seek Jesus with all your heart.

  10. What a brave lady doing her job excellently. She's not intimidated by the unkind words of this so called politician. MY RESPECT TO YOU MADAM!

  11. He did not understand what the reporter was asking. Why their is still a gathering and social distancing is not practice? it seems that he is in favor with gathering as they practice that for centuries.. then perfect go ahead practice that gathering. even a lot of people in ur country will die because of thses pandemic issue i think it will not lessen ur population since the country is really populated. it breaks my heart seeing people dying it really crushed my heart so much but we have to do our thing also and not just blame the government but educate the citizen of the impact of this virus

  12. Is the government is organizing the religious activity??? or it was organize by few religious leaders and its people..

  13. This idiot is a liar and he doesn’t know anything what is going on. Including modi and his team brainless idiots. Kick these idiots brainless out.

  14. He is number one liar and these idiots trying to make their pocket full. This idiot probably May beChayawala. Kick these idiot brainless out.

  15. That politician is probably thinking how can I put money in my pocket from foreign help and I think Indian government let this happen on purpose so they can get money from other countries in the name of crisis they have done it in the past so why not now

  16. China and Russia are the only two states to offer vaccines to India (along with thousands of tonnes of medical aid and tens of thousands of oxygen ventilators which they are working 24/7 to manufacture). In fact, The US only lifted the sanctions on the export of vital anti covid equipment to India, after China offered to help. Obviously the UK's performance is rather too pathetic to include

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