Why Iran's Geography Sucks


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Date: October 12, 2019

47 thoughts on “Why Iran's Geography Sucks

  1. Why their geography is an asset:
    1. This is the ancient crossroads between east and west, north and south.
    2. Despite the Straight Iran has deep water ports
    3. No modern army could advance on Iran
    4. Mountains provide water to a dry region
    5. Culture stays independent of Russia, India, China, Turks, and Arabs.

  2. Netherlands: My geography sucks: Sea higher than us on the doorstep, largest rivers of Europe trying to climb up to the sea every day. And on the other side Germany with 5 times more inhabitants. Below a French puppet state and France with also 5 times more inhabitants. All sea trade will go through the English Channel so that the UK could strangle us at any moment.

  3. Hmmm?!🤔 Zagros prevented Iraq from advancing?!!! Iraq invaded Khoramshaher, say less than 2-3 km to the border, that was the biggest advance, and about 300 km from the closest mountain.
    But the whole idea and analysis of video on Zagros role in safty measures was interesting. I give it credit.

  4. So, i'm a third IT college student, and one of the subjects is GIS, and the task till the next lesson is to analyze Iran's earthquake statistics.
    And this video pops up in recommendations

  5. Todays map of Iran is not the whole Iranian world which includes Afghanistan,Tajikistan,Turkmenistan,Pakistan,Iraq,Armenia,Azerbaijan, and India. We still had Afghanistan untill 150 years ago and Caucasua 180 years ago.

  6. Iran is not safe from Pakistan!! Although Iran has given lots of warnings to Pakistan to stop terrorism but still they are suffering!! Pakistan is pain in the ass for all his neighbours!! All neighbours of Pakistan are his enemies only because of export of Terrorism from Pakistan!! Osama ! Al Jawahiri ! Mullah Umar!! All top 3 terrorists found in Pakistan!! People of Pakistan are good but Government and Army is corrupt and spread Jihad!! Even their Prime Minister Imran Khan admitted in United Nation General Assembly 2019 while threatening India for Nuclear bomb attack his government and Army and intelligence agency ISI trained Al Qaeda!

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