Why it matters that Phillip Green dodged my questions in Monaco


When the Guardian’s Rupert Neate discovered last week that retail empire Arcadia had been plunged into a cash crisis he immediately wrote to Green asking what assurances had been offered to the 19,000 people who work for him. There was no reply from his spokesman.

So, Neate decided to try and track him down and ask him in person. He found Green in Monaco, preparing to host a Grand Prix party aboard his superyacht Lionheart.


Date: December 30, 2019

22 thoughts on “Why it matters that Phillip Green dodged my questions in Monaco

  1. I looked in Top Shop and it was all clothes for teenagers, and with people getting bigger, they didn't do over a size 16. I think Primark is more popular, as even though it isn't as cheap as it used to be with Tories increasing VAT, it's still fairly cheap and they do larger sizes.

  2. For people saying it was a waste of time, it definitely matters. This disgusting man that sexually harasses his workers & now this?! I say yes, it does matter that the world is aware of ppl like him & that it is not acceptable. He was even brought up recently in the UK parliament.

  3. Sounds like he's up to his old tricks! Anyone remember BHS? He bought British Home Stores, moved their cash reserves into his other failing companies then saddled BHS with all his own companies debts while also raiding their pension pot. We all know what happened to BHS – went into administration ultimately closing down in 2016 after being on the UK high street for over 88 years.

  4. Arrogant Guardian reporter, never ran his own business and thinks that you can just throw all the money in the world at a business and then it will be fine.

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