Why you shouldn't read the Daily Mail online :: as per HIGNFY on the BBC


The HIGNFY team prove beyond doubt why the online version of the Daily Mail should be avoided at all costs.

Originally broadcast on BBC – short clip used for Fair Use and reference only.


Date: August 9, 2019

32 thoughts on “Why you shouldn't read the Daily Mail online :: as per HIGNFY on the BBC

  1. Hide copies of the mail on sunday in sainsburys under copies of the independant and watch those old gimmers go off with sad faces, its a great way of cheering yourself up when youre out doing the shopping.

  2. I read the Daily Mail and The Guardian every day. When I was in the TA our CO used to quote communist propaganda in part 1 orders. His motive was that it is always a good idea to know your enemy. The Daily Mail has the same agenda as the Russian government over Brexit but it only tells its readers that the Russians are interfering in UK politics. It never tells them that the Daily Mail and the Russian government have the same agenda over Brexit. I wonder why?

  3. I would like to say contrary to the moron with the top comment here. Manchester United aren't run by serial human right's abusers who believe gay people deserve the death penalty. That happens to be a small team with a large fan base in stockport called Manchester City.

  4. This is a list of the UK MSM publications from which I have been banned:
    The Times
    The Daily Telegraph
    The Spectator
    The Guardian (watch list)
    Auto Express
    Daily Mail
    Was it something I said? Mean things about Muslim child rapists? It really is hard to know what exactly the editors of these over-sensitive publications object to.
    In the case of the Daily Mail, I was threatened with "contact your ISP/employer and seek that action is taken against you". For full text, see below:
    Your account has been permanently de-activated for going against the Community Guidelines.
    You are no longer allowed to post on the Daily Mail or other Associated Newspapers Ltd sites using this or any other user. Please be advised that should you post again we reserve the right to contact your ISP/employer and seek that action is taken against you.
    Senior Community Editor
    Daily Mail"

    Britain's getting more like East Germany every day, with Stasi Daily Mail leading the charge.
    Jack, the (retired) Japan Alps Brit

  5. I think people tend to get confused between readership and those that actually AGREE with the Daily Mail's views on everything. A lot of folks like me visit the DM because it is deliberately PROVOCATIVE and SENSATIONALIST [I'm an 'ethnic' myself]. But bear in mind that it's comments section is HEAVILY filtered. Having commented myself, I can tell you only 'approved' comments + half-witted comments from people who disagree with DM [no doubt included to make them look "impartial" but having no coherent substance] get through. This means a much smaller % of the opinions are getting through, than hits to the website. Heavily distorting an analysis of the demographics of opinion on the site.

    In their defence, I have often found extremely gruesome details of a particular murder case ONLY in the DM [out of the 'mainstream' media sources]. Whilst those details may incorrectly titillate and be low-brow, the fact is they are the only ones reporting it as such. Unfortunately, the DM's lack of accuracy can count as a hit against this potential advantage.

  6. the worst thing about the dailyfail, and pretty much all social media and govenrment nowadays, is its censorship. Despite saying "the comments below are not moderated" they clearly are, with certain words or topics like "masonry, freemason, conspiracy, royal family" being automatically blocked. And when a real issue comes to light, like jimmy saville, all comments are blocked both on website and youtube.
    This gvnt propaganda has no respect for freedom of speech, and is clearly a mouth piece to promote the globalist agenda.

  7. A classic case of DM censorship is that any comments regarding the royal family unless pro are censored or banned outright. The decision to ban any comments regarding Prince Andrew's liasions was one of the worse case of all the many thart they have foistered on the general public.

  8. The Daily 'Hate' Mail makes a fortune from 'clickbait'. This is where a tiny amount of money is generated every time you click on a page. This soon builds up over time to make up for the loss of money from people not buying the actual paper. If a page like the one currently mentioning Russell Brand is accessed several million times around the English-speaking world, you can appreciate the amount of money they're making.

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