Will Suing the Press Really Help Prince Harry & Meghan Markle? | Pop of News | E! News


The Duke & Duchess of Sussex sue not one, but multiple U.K. tabloids proving they aren’t messing around. Will suing the press make Harry & Meghan even more of a target?

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Will Suing the Press Really Help Prince Harry & Meghan Markle? | Pop of News | E! News


Date: October 18, 2020

45 thoughts on “Will Suing the Press Really Help Prince Harry & Meghan Markle? | Pop of News | E! News


  2. The press exposed the racist under belly of Brits… yes they are paid by the public, yet the tourist monies that are derived from the Royals immensely surpass what their allocations are. It the press continue to destroy a lovable couple, American tourists just may revolt.

  3. It doesn't matter if it helps Harry and Meghan it matter that Meghan is hounded and so is Harry. The media needs to get a life.

  4. On the the private jets it doesn't matter what you fly and drive it still does damage to the earth so people need to stop things about and look at yourself what am I driving or fly. Come on people have something else to talk about. Other royal drive car or fly planes does damage to the planet.

  5. I feel that Prince Harry and Meghan should 100% sue the press. We are so glad they will fight back at any cost. We love them. You are wrong reporter to say Prince Harry and Meghan need the press, in the scenes that Meghan and Harry can use only press that does not lie on them. Yes they should sue, 100%.

  6. The trashy British tabloids make their American counterparts look like amateurs. There is always a breath of antimonarchical hostility that is used to excuse outright lies.


  8. Why can’t MM embrace the fact that “life is NOT fair?” Most Royals are trashed mercilessly. MM chose to PUT HERSELF AHEAD OF THE QUEEN & other royals; she dumped palace staff & went ROGUE, they’d be idiots to embrace her NON ROYAL LEFTY POLITICAL AGENDA. POLITICS ARE CONSTITUTIONALLY PROHIBITED FOR ROYALS.. MM & her victim narrative are FLAGRANTLY MISPLACED esp when surrounded by starving homeless & raped S African women. She has more clothes, staff, expensive housing, & security than 99% of the world. What in the world does MM have to whine about?

  9. Prince harry is not himself hs seems confused and stress. Meghan should leave the royal. If he's with Chelsea I don't think it will be like this Chelsea don't like fame but meghan does

  10. I'm all for freedom of speech but not fake news.
    When the papers reported their hypocrisy about preaching to the masses, concerning carbon footprint, that is valid. If they're caught telling lies, that is valid. If the papers report the cost of Meghan dresses and jewelry… valid. They are being paid for by the taxpayer. If the press are snooping around and listening in to private conversations that is not valid and quite rightly the press should expect to be sued.
    The surprising thing about Harry suing is about the time lapse and having such good press after their African tour. There are some people that are speculating that it is more to do with shutting the press up because there may be news in the pipeline that they don't want in the public domain but of course that is just speculation.
    I wish both of them well and of course baby Archie, he is a lovely baby. He reminds me of granddad Thomas, think its his cute nose. Hopefully he will inherit his granddads gentle caring person ality. 🤗

  11. Yes they need to sue the UK press they are prejudice judgemental towards Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry and they have no rights to baby Archie he's a private citizen.😍

  12. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan do not need the British press they have Instagram and other news media all over the world we would love to report them.🌹😘

  13. Markle iced her own father once she met harry-How cold! How does adaughter do this ! He was a loving and supporting father and she has dissed him out of her life because yes she is who now?! Harry made a giant mistake!!

  14. Stop trying to confuse those who don’t know what’s fully going on. The media have every right to criticize. What they don’t have a right to do is consistent fly lie then repeat those lies as facts. They also don’t have a right to publish a private letter nor tap phones. At a certain point one has to fight back.

  15. I think they both have frivolous lawsuits they just need to back off this going to get to the point where the journalist nobody will even speak to them is that what they want they say they want their privacy there about to have it. Lights camera action.

  16. Emphatically they should sue them all because they must know though they are public figures this does not give the press the right to have control over their life

  17. all media should sue Harry and Meghan for lies on "fake pregnancy" fake bump, fake baby newborn.. fake hospital, fake hospital papers without any doctors signature, fake commnets about a baby that never was in Meghan belly as any normal pregnant woman, They were lying to the all world media…

  18. Don’t really like this woman, I really don’t think she likes Meghan. She’s playing a game! Justin called her out once on her negative comments of Meghan.

  19. Yes they should sue plus most of the so call stories are lies…And check your story, I think the phone hacking is more current.

  20. The never care to the taxpayers brits MOST XPNSIVE WIFE OF THE IDIOT FAKE PRINCE HARRY is bragging again her so called 11 year old accomplishment that for me is full of lies and deceit. She said that she was 11 year old when it happened but at the same time she said it happened in 1995 beijing conference. In that case she was 14 not 11. But Andrew morton book implied that she was 10 years old coz it happened in 1992 LA RIOT. MEGXIT said that after receiving encouragement letters from hillary clinton (w/c she lied that the first lady in 1992 was HC), the kids NEWS SHOW sent a crew to tell her story and a month after that procter and gamble change women to people. Report of the nickoledeon stated that MM 11 year old success was their notable episode in 1992. But there was no video of her in 1992. Instead we have watched her comm'l video in 1993. How come that there was a discrepancy of the report of the NEWS KIDS SHOW and INSIDE EDITION? we have watchec INSIDE EDITION VIDEO that she was writing a letter. How come that we watched her writing a letter when in fact, she wrote it in 1992 and she succeded in changing the tagline in 1992?. Where is the video of the nickoledeon that showed she was complaining to the world of the sexism in the video of the ivory dishawshing liquid? Her 1993 video is a total deception. It was a reenacment. And the date of her letter to procter and gamble is blurred. Lastly, WOMEN ALL OVER AMERICA ARE FIGHTING GREASY POTS AND PANS, for me never existed. And so the school project that INSIDE EDITION is telling the public never happened. How come there was a school project when there was chaos in LA? As long as Miss linda allerbee and procter and gamble will not explain , i will stand to my theory. And by the way, why MEGXIT not show the 3 letters of Hilary Clinton, Gloria Allred and Linda allerbee to the public?

  21. May God bless the couple! Criticism is never bad when there are valid reasons for it. But what the tabloids have said against them is way too harsh, unreasonable and disrespectful, like there's nothing at all about them is ever right.

  22. Not when you are on maternity!!!!! Meghan stepped outside her house a few times while on maternity and the press was nasty: attending a baby shower and being blamed for how much her friends spent – she didn't pay for it, attending Trouping of the Colour – a family event but not meeting Trump – a state event, Harry ( not Meghan) re jets, going to the US to watch her friend play tennis and non stop press because she didn't announce the god parents – does anyone really care who Beatrice's god parents are and the hypocrisy of the press is that when she is off maternity – on the job the press is glowing. On maternity – and unseen made up; off maternity – on the world stage for all the world to see – excellent coverage

  23. Here comes the liar, the fabricator, the propaganda and the tale bearer. Melanie I knew you were never a fan of the Sussex especially Meghan because she took your wished husband. I’m glad they finally sue those wolves, vultures who only go after the little one. Why can’t you talk about prince Andrew. The law suit is a warning to all of you in blood sucking bussiness. I can wait for all of you racist, bigot and trolls to get sued. Melanie your law suit is coming if you don’t stop this trade of destroying life. Melanie your video shows lack of knowledge and stupidity next time get your fact straight.

  24. Why are people still going on about this and them suing there is much more important things going on in the world

  25. Melanie is the biggest Racist biggest hater of all please take several seats and get a new job that's not causing distress to the Sussex family..

  26. Yes they must sue the press it really will help the world change these backward laws hounding the Sussexes bully Duchess Meghan it's all way to much it must change for princess Diana or her death would have been for nothing .

  27. @E News : I DO NOT think you are AWARE of this . HARRY and MEGHAN are assigned to the COMMONWEALTH (UK) . That means they will spend their entire life together as a married COUPLE working with the COMMONWEALTH of 53 Countries i.e 2.4 BILLION people plus on the planet. The USA is NOT a commonwealth country even if Meghan is American. Meghan is a full-on BRITISH PRINCESS NOW and you will have to get used to that fact. This also means that the BRITISH PRESS cannot rely on "whiteness" as a pre-requisite for the work she is fully qualified for.The commonwealth is 75% BLACK !! It must have become very PAINFUL for the racist white PRESS when she declared her HERITAGE openly in Cape Town ,South Africa just the other day. It is EITHER the BRITISH PRESS will insist on their RACISM and face the consequences OR they GIVE it UP and apologise .

  28. You, of all people should know better. It's NOT about, will it HELP them or not! They don't need HELP! It is a matter of PRINCIPLE!! Something people don't know anything about these days. I guess you have to come up with click bate to get your new YouTube show off and running!! Shameful!

  29. Harry's wife is the main problem her actions & her mouth. His wife is a narcissist, lies, lies, lies and more lies, biggest fake of a person. Both of these guys use Diana as their gain. Harry's wife is not a Diana in shape not even close. Hypocrites they are.

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