Woman testifies about moment her ex-boyfriend 'set her on fire'


Jessica Cameron (pictured) testified in court on Thursday against her former boyfriend A New York woman covered in burn scars bravely testified in court about how she was left in agony when her ex-boyfriend set her on fire outside a Tim Hortons. Jessica Cameron, 25, of Tonawanda, took the stand on Thursday in a gut-wrenching testimony against Jonathon White who she says tried to brutally murder her in December 2018. At that time, White asked to meet Cameron behind the dumpster at Tim Hortons, in Tonawanda, New York,  to discuss their collapsing seven-and-a-half year relationship.The couple, who have three young children together, reportedly grew apart for several reasons, including jealousy, domestic abuse and alcoholism. Reports say the two were also embroiled in a contentious custody battle over their children.  ‘Are you going to hurt me,’ Cameron said when recalling that incident behind the dumpster, WREN reports.  ‘He said yes… I didn’t think he was actually going to hurt me.’ Cameron alleges that White doused her with gasoline and then used a lighter to put her on fire. The attack left her with injuries and burns covering more than 30 percent of her body.She said: ‘Just burning pain everywhere. I couldn’t see anything through the flames. Just the flames. I couldn’t hear anything…It was almost like a complete silence.’She described hearing crackling sounds like ‘how logs get when they crumble in a fire pit.’ Cameron alleges that 29-year-old Jonathon White (pictured) attempted to murder her outside a Tim Hortons in Tonawanda White’s second-degree murder charge will depend on whether jurors believe setting Cameron on fire was intentional or notCameron reportedly tried to remove her burning clothes before she was eventually drenched in water by a witness. Court evidence showed images of her without clothes as first responders tended to her. Both Cameron and White were taken to the Erie County Medical Center to receive treatment, but Cameron would be placed in a medically induced coma until mid-January and discharged five months later.   RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Isabel Hicks’s mother and brother plead for the 14-year-old to come home | Daily… Jeff Bezos no longer world’s richest man after he loses $7billion in a day as… Share this article Share During that time Cameron was underwent 12 surgeries – which included amputations of several of her damaged fingers. She also had to relearn how to open her eyes and mouth, and relearn how to walk.Meanwhile, lawyers for White, aged 29, have given a very different account, claiming that he never meant to hurt Cameron. His testimony goes against officers who took the stand and said White admitted to the crime when they responded to the scene.   ‘Yeah I caught her on fire. Arrest me,’ he allegedly said.On Thursday, White testified he had depression and was suicidal during the couple’s relationship. Before and after: A picture of Cameron before her burns posted on her support pa


Date: November 3, 2019

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