Women in sport: A fair playing field?- BBC News


In many conservative families, girls are denied education and work opportunities. But many are challenging gender stereotypes by entering sports. But it’s not easy. They have to face questions on everything from their choice of sport to the way they dress, and why they want to step out of home to compete in a “man’s game”. They fight prejudice at every step, for social acceptance and equal pay, hoping to bring glory to their families, their communities and the country.

We speak to three young Indian sportswomen dabbling in offbeat sports, and ask what can be done to create a fairer playing field for women in sport.

Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Aishwarya Pissay (motorsport racer); Hetal Dave (Sumo wrestler); Diskit Angmo (ice hockey player)

From Delhi, #WorklifeIndia reflects on money, work, family and business.

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Date: May 21, 2020

42 thoughts on “Women in sport: A fair playing field?- BBC News

  1. The very fact that women have their own sports teams instead of competing in a unisex team is sexism. Sportswomen don't deserve a career at all.

    "Oh, look at me! I can't play football but I have a vagina!"

  2. Next time get a person that can speak fluently and not with hipcupps every 2 words. She could be from madadascar as long as she can speak fluently. Also never heard any of this girls in sport.

  3. The women's world cup brought in less money than the men's. Despite this they have a larger percentage of the money that it took in! If you want equality then males and females should have the same percentage of earnings.

  4. Women’s bodies were made to incubate and feed babies, men’s were not and are better at sport. Let us make things equal for women in sport as soon as we make it possible for a biological male to have a baby.

  5. There is a reason women are not in sports as much and why they do not get paid as much as their male counterparts.


  6. "In many conservative families"; in India EVERY family is conservative.
    Anyone suggesting women and men should compete against one another in sports seems to have missed all the men pretending to be women currently DESTROYING women's sports in the USA, Canada, England and Australia.
    Women worldwide need to refuse to take the field, stage, track and court when these men pretending to be women show up.

  7. What a fallacy. How about a woman fights a man in boxing? Mens football team V Womens? That's a level playing field right? Fuck off with this bullshit. Men are more superior in physicality therefore superior in sports. This is the reality of human biology. Get over it.

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