World's first doses of Covax vaccines delivered – BBC News


Ghana has become the first recipient of Covid-19 vaccine doses distributed by the global vaccine sharing initiative, Covax.

A plane carrying 600,000 doses of the of the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine landed in the capital, Accra, on Wednesday.

The Covax scheme aims to reduce the divide between rich countries and poorer nations unable to buy doses.

The programme is planning to deliver about two billion vaccine doses globally by the end of the year.

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Date: October 13, 2021

40 thoughts on “World's first doses of Covax vaccines delivered – BBC News

  1. Bharat Biotech produce covax vaccine..& sirum institute produce covishield vaccine.. Both are made in India..but covax made in Indian formula.. and covishield is the version of astrazeneca:)

  2. Unfortunately, mRNA vaccines donated to COVAX are being purchased at a premium by countries such as Australia to cover up domestic political disasters.

  3. This hits different now as an Indian knowing this video was uploaded 4 months ago just before India's covid crisis and vaccine shortages

  4. Nice piece of Propaganda SSKKKumbags. "Targeting 20 Mill Ghanaians" is the most deplorable "dog whistle" imaginable. I hope Ghana has someone powerful who actually cares obout them and who can help stop themselves by being "TARGETED" by the GPCA( Global Population Control Agency).

  5. So this is how America will pay down it's trillion dollar debt. We knew at some point they would let the world know that this schamdemic crap is really all about. Im sure in Africa America will trade experimental vaccines for Natural Resources. If African Presidents were smart they would create their own vaccines and tell America to kiss their hands.

  6. The BBC is a propaganda outfit. ALL the main stream media are Operation mockingbird. Look up how many people die each year of hunger and ask yourself why you have never seen the BBC publicizing the arrival of FOOD at airports!

  7. Just prolonging the the lives of poor people and corrupted counties, to be a burden on the future. What's the point.

  8. Funny, when you translate Covax in English to Greek it comes up as "Kobae"… Kobe… hmm….




    And what happened to Kobe mere days before the 'pandemic' was declared…

  9. Is it free? because it now exist here in the philippines,our company want us to take that vaccine but we are afraid of the effect😔

  10. According to the Lancet which is considered to be the Gold standard in biomedical research. They reported that Sputnik V has the best efficacy, Unfortunately, the EU propaganda is putting politics above public health.

  11. “The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever.” Greg Hunt, Australian Federal Health Minister, February 2021.

  12. For India whole world is our family (vasudhev kutumbkam) it's the mool mantra of India. How can we forget our family

  13. As the scripture says: Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it. Luke 17:33 KJV
    Many will take covid-19 vaccine thinking they are saving themselves but the truth is they will be doomed forever. WAIT AND SEE!!!, LET HE WHO HAS EARS HEAR FROM THE LORD.!!!!

  14. Before you get excited about these vaccines, make sure to do your research on GAVI and who are behind it… Bill Gates is part of this and we all know how shady he is

  15. From Israel: "We conclude that the Pfizer vaccines, for the elderly, killed during the 5-week vaccination period about 40 times more people than the disease itself would have killed, and about 260 times more people than the disease among the younger age class. We stress that this is in order to produce a green passport valid at most 6 months, and promote Pfizer sales."

  16. Meanwhile Iverm@ctin works for everyone – COVID-19 treatments: Ivermectin shows promise for poorer nations – The Global Herald

  17. The v@ccines don't even work on the new strain – South Africa Says AstraZeneca's Covid-19 Vaccine is Not Effective at Stopping Variant (New York Times)

  18. Sorry I don't trust the the bbc since they paid Jimmy saviles wages and put him on our tvs what a bunch

  19. righttttt its so safe and great yet they JUST changed laws changed so they have no liability if your harmed hahahah come on???

  20. What's "Not Fair" is UN saying "IT'S NOT FAIR " at countries developing Vaccines & vaccinating their own people as fast as possible.


  22. Kwameh Nkruma might be rolling in his grave to sed Africa he envisaged for total emacipation now looking for whiteman, indians and chinese to rescue it,its sad!.

  23. Edwin Ikhuoria you are a complete fool!.Africa cannot develop with this mindset of waiting for others to come and rescue it.

  24. The whole country has sunk and we are in lockdown because of their nonsense predictions It is unfortunate for this country to have a professor like Jonathan van tam and Wei Shen Lim.

  25. Can we all just stop blaming our government, and asking foolish questions and come together to fight against this virus.
    We all should be thankful to the efforts of our doctors, our government
    Atleast they tried !
    We should encourage them instead of demoralising them.

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