World's first 'floating' pool suspended between London tower blocks – BBC News


Suspended between two tower blocks in a swimming pool 35m (115 ft) above the ground, the residents of a development in London cooled off during the UK’s warmest day this year.

The Sky Pool, described as “the world’s first floating pool”, is only open to some of the development’s residents, where rent is from about £1,800 to £6,500 per month.

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Date: September 23, 2021

25 thoughts on “World's first 'floating' pool suspended between London tower blocks – BBC News

  1. I will only admire as art but for dip- no thanks! We all hope to go out of this world peaceful and going for swim and crashing below isn't exactly a part of that plan.

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  3. Mass suicide pool hopping? No thanks, I'll just stick to basking in a 1 person kiddie pool filled with cold water & ice

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  5. I do like it ,fair play to yous . But I live new the beach and wouldn’t swap my big swimming pool as I call it . Enjoy!… maybe put a canopy above it stop the pigeon shit . 😁👍🏻

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