Would you eat recycled landfill meat? – BBC News


Ever wonder what happens to restaurant leftovers?
In the Philippine capital, Manila, meat is recycled from landfill tips, washed and re-cooked. It’s called “pagpag” and it’s eaten by the poorest people who can’t afford to buy fresh meat.

Warning: You may wish to skip this one if you have a delicate disposition.

Video journalist: Howard Johnson / Producer: Virma Simonette.

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Date: September 23, 2019

25 thoughts on “Would you eat recycled landfill meat? – BBC News

  1. Forgive me lord, I been ungrateful, while we spent 5 to 10 dollars a day in food almost half of the world have to work a whole day to earn a dollar, and here in the us we make 200 to 300 a day and we unhappy and complaining all day

  2. This opens my eyes heart and mind thanks bbc for changing my perspective about food conception here in saudi we wake up everyday to see a full table of goodies I just grab whatever i feel like eating and sometimes only coffee and go and sometimes chefs cooks for lunch and dinner and no one is home!!! And nobody eats it!!! We need to change this don’t hate us this is how we grow up i feel so sorry about it i wish we can share these meals with people in Philippines

  3. I am a student at Quy Nhon University in Vietnam. I am participating in a very important national competition. Name is " National English Olympic". My topic talks about Food waste. Can I use this video and cut a few of this video? I undertake that we are not using it for malicious purposes. Thank you so much!

  4. Sa totoo lang kaya kong kumaen nyan. di uso arte sa totoo lang. Galing din ako sa hirap kaya naiintindihan ko kalagayan ng ibang pinoy. Ngayong kayong mga nag aaskasay ng pagkaen? sa tingin niyo? pagdating ng araw ng kayo naman ang walang makaen? kakayanin niyo kayang kumaen nito? Lalo na sa mga maaarte?

  5. This makes me feel really guilty, but now I'm stuck in a dilemma: if I finish my food, they don't get to eat (no pagpag). If I intentionally leave food on my plate, they can eat, but it's unhealthy

  6. Hahaha.. They called it "Happyland" because it came from a word "hapilan", a waray-waray word a native language in philippines means "tapunan" in tagalog or in english means a "dumpsite".

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