"Wynonna Earp" Cast Describe Fandom in 3 Words | E! People's Choice Awards


Melanie Scrofano, Tim Rozon and Katherine Barrell gush over their “Earper” fans and explain how much they mean to them at the 2018 People’s Choice Awards.

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“Wynonna Earp” Cast Describe Fandom in 3 Words | E! People’s Choice Awards



Date: October 14, 2020

32 thoughts on “"Wynonna Earp" Cast Describe Fandom in 3 Words | E! People's Choice Awards

  1. Where is dominique
    Donde está dominique la reina q pasó por que no está en los premios alguien sabe please7

  2. OMG! How is it possible that you do not love this cast?

    We love the show, we love the actors, we love Emily.

    WE LOVE WYNONNA EARP on stage and behind her.

  3. That would be awesome if they did go back in time–OH, WAIT, THEY DID! Also, Kat's hair and dress (wait, is it a dress? I can't tell if it's dress or pantsuit) are so goals

  4. I'm so happy we all did it EARPERS our favorite little show made it to the Big stage & WON…🎉🎈🍩🍻
    👉 Congratulations to the Actors & Creators of WE, you guys deserve every blessings that comes your way.
    👉 THANK YOU for sharing your talent & hard work.
    👉 THANK YOU for giving us a reason to be happy & hope for better future.
    👉 These Victory is for all of us EARPERS we showed our LOVE & GRATITUDE to the Actors & Show that changed our lives & the whole world saw it, we did it guys, WE (Wynonna Earp) WON…💪😎❤ 🔫

  5. Just a fan.. u guys Rock.!! I absolutely ❤️❤️❤️ the show. No tats here, but I want my own peacemaker. Love the western themed show. U combined my fave thing’s , westerns & killing demons. The show has everything I love. (U could, “Show Doc’s butt more often”, cause hes soo fine…)!! But other that that.. keep on Rock-n it.!! Congrats on the awards. Much❤️.. ✅

  6. so great to see my fave cast from the worlds best show where they belong…please watch if you haven't…the fandom is the best too…this cast are the biggest fans of the show and they love their fans…earpers rule !!!

  7. "I'm a fan of our fans." There is no one kinder and more wholesome than Tim Rozon.

    "Peacemaker with a little rainbow as a nod to our amazing LGBT fans." Who isn't in love with Kat Barrell at this point.

    "They make me laugh all the time." As if Earpers are a good friend you talk to on a daily basis I'm crying I love a cast.

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