Xinjiang: China, where are my children? – BBC News


New evidence that children in China’s Xinjiang region are being systematically separated from their families has been uncovered in research commissioned by the BBC.

Critics of China’s government claim it’s an effort to isolate the children from their Muslim communities.

More than 60 parents, speaking in exile, have told the BBC their children have disappeared.

John Sudworth reports.

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Date: September 3, 2019

46 thoughts on “Xinjiang: China, where are my children? – BBC News

  1. BBC never tell you, for these ppl, China government give them much more good policy than other Chinese, they could have many children but others could only have 2. They could go to any collage or to get a job as less scores than others

  2. Tragedy are in everywhere except your own country in Media's view. I think BBC knows people in Xinjiang much more than ourselves. I have many friends living in Xinjiang, and many friends like to go to Xinjiang to have a summer, and none of us hear about such thing. Everyone in China know why BBC like to write such report.

  3. Let the Muslim people immigrant to UK, It shows British very welcome, British blames China, so, issue UK passports to Muslim, give their kids UK citizen identity.Let them make some Bigbang in london, let them dismantle church and establish mosque in UK USA and Eurp. Let them pray and make traffic jam in street. Don't just report it and blame China, give them human rights as UK wish. Let British becomes Britistan, then, US and UK guys satisfied.

  4. Good for the children ,they received better education , they learning Mandarin language now .
    It's no problem ,they are China citizen ,so they need learn speak their national language .
    Nothing wrong !!

  5. Why do these ppl have so many children whereas there was single child policy in China for the past 30 odd years and now ppl are only encouraged to have two per couple? These ppl enjoy many benefits that the majority Han Chinese never have yet no media like BBC will bother report.

  6. Are your BBC a international police? Why DON'T you stay in your country, report your gun shoot case everytime? And ask your government why? Where is your financial fund recourse from? US government?

  7. fuck up BBC north Ireland is a country.Scotland is a country.welsh is also a country.and they as well as england are all Islamic countries which enforce sharia law.
    god is allah.queen is allah. Jesus is allah. pigs including peppa are allah. everything is allah in British people's heart

  8. Dear believers, please avoid debate if there's the possibility of hatred being in your heart.

    Islam is never a culture from the very first beginning. We can be American, European, Asian, African, Arab, or from any cultural background; but if we have the belief that Imaan and Islam is within our heart, then we should follow the syaria.

    Those who are the disbelievers have their heart hardened and will never understand except without God's consent. If God hasn't grant them hidaya, then no one could make them understand nor put a single empathy, not even you.

    May God always guide us all to the right path 😊

  9. So, Nobody is asking why the China Government is doing so? Building some school for re-education to wash out terrorism minds before it's deep rooted by some extreme violent muslim faction (we all know they are many of them)?
    Remember 10 years ago hundreds of innocent local citizens slaughtered by terrorists in Xin Jiang? What's wrong with trying to transform hateful minds into peaceful ones by education?
    Well done the "western medias". When the massacre happenned 10 years ago, you criticise Chinese government, When China is trying to make a change by education and without firing a gun you criticise Chinese Government!
    Let me guess what will the U.S or U.K. react to such terro strike? carpet-bombing by B2 then surgical strikes by drones?

  10. Fuck you BBC 😡, you already lied on what actually happened at Tiananmen Square, and made vivid stories about them, what about this time? Will you die if you speak truth without exaggeration and false implications?

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