Xinjiang: China, where are my children? – BBC News


New evidence that children in China’s Xinjiang region are being systematically separated from their families has been uncovered in research commissioned by the BBC.

Critics of China’s government claim it’s an effort to isolate the children from their Muslim communities.

More than 60 parents, speaking in exile, have told the BBC their children have disappeared.

John Sudworth reports.

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Date: June 18, 2020

39 thoughts on “Xinjiang: China, where are my children? – BBC News

  1. If your family is not involved in terrorist activities, why are they punished by law? If lies can blind people's eyes, those blinded people have no IQ.

  2. Lmfao, the sign said please speak mandarin. Sadly told you that schools in other provinces also have that signs because people in different provinces have different accents. And stupid BBC thought it is a sign of vanishing culture. Probably China vanishing all Chinese culture by those signs 😀

  3. I don’t understand … What was their crime? I have been living here in China for 10 years now and I see Uighur living freely and comfortably everywhere … they even have their own businesses … Because of their religion ? Then why are there mosques in different cities ? Many synagogues and churches too ….

  4. I am just curious.Did BBC news ever, even once, reported how extreme Ugyghurs killing innocent people, forcing women to stay at home, preventing women from getting job, preventing young girls to go to school. I have friend who lived in Xinjiang and these are very common in Xinjiang. I don't know how many BBC Journalists live in Xinjiang. Again, I am just curious.

  5. forcefully converted Chinese people are going back to original roots. EXCELLENT…ALL THOSE WHOSE ANCESTORS WERE FORCEFULL CONVERTED SHOULD GO BACK TO ORIGINAL RELIGION.

  6. Fake news..bbc.

    60 interview? Wtf, it is so misleading.

    So sad, people don't know but speak from their ass.

    They should speak Chinese, so they can get a job..like everyone else.

    BBC is fuck up.

    BBC has never proven once right against China for the past 50yrs.

    There is no WMD in Iraq

  7. Tbh i Don't feel any sympathy for the people of china with corona virus call me rude,mean whatever idc anymore after what chinese government did fuck them mate
    Edit:did u know that coronavirus was released from a chinese lab in wuhan and it wasn't spread from the wuhan market some say they were making biological weapon they deserve this virus tbh serves em right

  8. If you fight for freedom, then you should also stand with California, Scotland, and Catalonia. The Xinjiang issue should not just look at the western side of the word. Look at this first, and then analyze it comprehensively. You need to see the positive and negative information of the year before defining anything! https://youtu.be/syCjiPdM_84

  9. 1. Communist put Uyghur in detention and now Communist had to put their own country in detention.
    2. Communist forbids Uyghur from wearing hijab in Urumqi and now Communist had to wear hazmat suit.
    3. Uyghur is afraid of big brother Communist because they are everywhere in Xinjiang and now Communist is afraid of little brother Coronavirus because they are everywhere in China.

    So many innocence going to pay the price of the commie wrongdoing. Always remember; if you saw wrongdoing but didn't say something or do something but just look the other way, then you're not really innocent.

  10. When chinese comes to malaysia indonesia or any muslim country.we build temples… give angpow to chinese kids on CNY make china town for them.fly in mandarin teachers to malaysia to teach mandarin to chinese so they wont forget their roots.if the chinese are cruel then god will not stop sending corona virus till all the cruel ones are gone.

  11. I’m shocked that when I was using Taiwanese VPN it only showed people all trust the video and when I changed to America VPN comments became different.

  12. I’m shocked that when I was using Taiwanese VPN it only showed people all trust the video and when I changed to America VPN comments became different.

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