Yemen facing world’s “worst famine in decades” – BBC News


Yemen is at risk of the worst famine the world has seen in decades according to the United Nations.

The UN is warning that 16 million people will go hungry this year, including 400,000 children, who will suffer from severe acute malnutrition and could die without urgent treatment.

Yemen was already the Arab world’s poorest country before its civil war escalated in 2015. Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, control most of the country.

A Saudi-led coalition which is backed by the UK has been carrying out a bombing campaign, in support of Yemen’s internationally-recognised government.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by international correspondent Orla Guerin.

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Date: September 25, 2021

47 thoughts on “Yemen facing world’s “worst famine in decades” – BBC News

  1. Why not UN arrange a table to both parties for a peaceful solution .what the hell they are doing by just showing horrendous status and sad words .what the shit human has understood after years of war ,that war is never a solution .what the hell allah or God done for these little children.

  2. yes i KNEW it, i youtubed famine to prove a point that how retarded are you gonna be to starve to death anywhere in the world and first vid was YEMEN, desert and like yeah living in a desert without a system of water to drink and water your crops is just like living on an island without having a boat, 3 minutes it went before it came out they have all the food there but nobody can afford it, so they die of retardation not famine

  3. When babies needs food they give them oxygen….i bet the baby will be healthy after three months of nutrition and the oxygen is way more expensive.

  4. Watching the small children suffer like this 😭 pray for them and may God always take care of them 🙏what world are we living in….when people are facing more difficulties and hardships

  5. Why wealthy islamic country neighbors doesnt give aid to their brothers and sisters? They are one ummah, right?

  6. Not understanding the other persons pain and sufferings is the one and only reason for all the tragedies happened in past and happening in present and going to be happening in future .

    But we have to do something to stop all this tragedies , so atleast our future people could live in peace without no war .

  7. If one person understand the feelings and sufferings of another person .
    Like everyone in the world understand other persons feelings there will be no war , killing ……etc
    So what are the steps we can do to understand other person feeling and pain ?

  8. What is the problem with the rulers of all the nations in the world ?

    All are equal in the world , but the war doing nations and bombs providing nations rulers why they can't think about that .
    Why this suffocation and why one can't understand the other person pain

  9. And again it’s power Control true money greed religion and man made war etc

    In life that’s , causing this to keep happening

    Are you insane , you can’t win in what your wanting

    please Just give up and put your weapons down etc

    Because war is pointless and where has war got us the general public In todays 21st century world times.

    And mainly because, your future children are starving to death in Yemen

    And this is defiantly not very caring humane or religious in my eyes in what the world is seeing .

    ( And Btw. )

    I will always believe , president Bush , didn’t give a crap about the American , English etc nationality’s civilians

    That true movie watching 9 11 happening day

    Who also happened to lose there life’s that horrific day.

    And sadly I believe England , has always been up America’s back side

    Because ,of there help in the Second World War and the true fact happening of Pearl Harbour day in life.

    And war again , Caused so many deaths for the general public American solders etc

    Who also lost there life’s sadly. In life because , of Hitler insanity to the Jews and way of thinking in life etc..

    “War is pointless , a waste of time and not humane or loving towards humans in life “ 🌈🙏

  10. Theres is a solution.. the F.E.D prints One Trillions US dollars, and Instead of Buying Stocks, give to Yemen Childrens.. ..

  11. something is not adding up. People who are anorexic for example cannot menstruate or ovulate. Yet these fat ppl are continually popping out children. WTF. This is a scam. Yeman is trying to scam the world. Don't fall for it. Are you seeing how fat the mothers and other adults are? What a terrible scam. Don't be con'd

  12. Truly devastating. Whenever you feel sick, have a stomach ache or extremely thirsty, that's only a tiny proportion of the suffering.

  13. Hello. If you are able to donate, please do so now. Urgent. Exclusively for Yemen, please view Mona Relief . also, Yemen relief and reconstruction foundation. Both are on face book too.
    If you face book, please view my group and page " The World Cares Yemen " for ways we can each help now ❤

  14. So simple. The Iranian regime and Saudi regime must STOP the war and killing Yemenis people. They must get out of Yemen and leaving them alone and free. Both of these two countries (Iran and Saudi Arabia) has destroyed the Yemen. Really, really so SAD. I wish love and peace for Yemen and all the world.

  15. yes and this is the more reason the stock market is the best form to make your investment with the steady increase of bitcoin everyday. One can become financially free within the next couple of months

  16. Those poor souls, its really devastating. Thank the Uk bombs that were sold to the Saudias. Where is the UN now? Send them food.

  17. I don’t know why women bring children into this world.

    When they cannot take care themselves let alone their husband or boyfriend can’t take care of them.

  18. The un doesn't help because it says everywhere is a crisis like never before so people just get fed up hearing it

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