Yemen: On the brink of starvation – BBC News


The war in Yemen, which began early last year when the government was overthrown by rebel forces, has pushed the country to the brink of famine. This video contains distressing scenes from the start. See more from BBC Our World’s documentary Starving Yemen this weekend on BBC World, BBC News and iPlayer.

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Date: October 9, 2021

24 thoughts on “Yemen: On the brink of starvation – BBC News

  1. Does it really make sense to stick fingers down your throat when these children are suffering in these situations?

  2. This is 5 years later. Nothing has changed. They keep having kids they can't feed. Give them birth control!

  3. meanwhile in america we are throwing food away because we dont want it or are just full.. The stuff we throw away would save lives in suffering countries.. It is truely disgusting..Ppl just dont care though..

  4. Thanks for bringing attention to problems like this , people offen take things for granted ❤ everthing will work out fine mashAllah

  5. First, Islam needs to be enlightned with a new revelation of God and free itself from non-spiritual dogmas that are heavy burden for their believers. They are trapped by a primitive view religion half God's inspiration half Man doing. Do they really believe God will negate a new revelation for men from other times and generation? They need to separate religion from political and they have to concede men and women equality of rights.

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