Young Boys Survive Dangerous Fall Into Ice Lake | Critical Rescue S1 EP9 | Wonder


Two boys are playing with two neighbourhood friends, and decide to venture out onto a patch of thin ice. When two boys fall through the ice, a third calls 911, while the fourth tries to help, he too sinks into the pond.

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When disaster strikes and tragedy seems certain, there is only one hope – Critical Rescue – highly trained teams of paramedics, rescuers and doctors. Their jobs are dangerous, their rescues dramatic. But for the victims of a disaster, these courageous men and women are all that stand between life and death.

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Date: May 6, 2020

28 thoughts on “Young Boys Survive Dangerous Fall Into Ice Lake | Critical Rescue S1 EP9 | Wonder

  1. my heart sunk when he said the youngest passed away and didnt make it. that little boy deserved to live a full life. those rescuers are just wonderful and brave for stepping in like that!

  2. Why the hell they dont try without the suits omg just go under the water and pull them up instead of wasting there time jumping up and down. That little innocent soul died😢

  3. I am sure he will have the guilt for the rest of his life that he made it and his brother didn't. I know he will feel the blame that he caused his brother to die. I know he will have to go through some psychological therapy along with his mother. Will she blame him that her other son died? It was truly a miraculous miracle that he survived. His brother was under water too long but the doctors and rescuers worker vigorisly to get them to live. My heart goes out to the mother and family. Her son is in a better place with his Heavenly Father. RIP. I know you will see him again one day

  4. These kids should have listened to their mother. A 9 year old and his 7 year old younger brother should not be out alone playing in the cold winter. Some parents are so irresponsible. This is a shame

  5. Ребятушки, крепко здоровья вам, везде летаете, а вирус по всему миру. И чтобы количество удачных взлетов всегда было равно количеству мягких штатных посадок. И берегите себя за бугром

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