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H Company was made up mostly of 18 to 20 year-old boys who had been training for this day for over a year. For most of them, Iwo Jima was their first time in combat. The boys knew little of the island. They had seen mock-ups in briefings but nothing could have prepared them for what lay ahead on the black sand beaches of Iwo.

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Date: May 17, 2020

34 thoughts on “Young Military Troop Fight In Dangerous Attack Mission | Boys Of H Company | Wonder

  1. I am a Canadian, but I thank you for your Brave Fighting Men of The Marine Corps. I grew up in a Military Family and learned about the Battles fought around the world By the Allied Forces. The Battle for Iwo Jima stood out as the biggest and worse battle fought and won. I have always had Respect for the Men and Woman in Uniform. Requiescet in pace USMC!

  2. "GOT TO LOVE THESE WAR DOCUMENTARIES"… They ONLY show you W hite A nglo S axon P rotestant soldiers…… RARELY ,if ever, you see BROWN OR BLACK SKIN SOLDIERS.. I've have had the pleasure of meeting a couple of Hispanic veterans who were there.. Their stories are just a horrendous as those of their white counterparts, and NOT a mention.. Freaking RACIST COUNTRY…

  3. today we have an easy life in a paradise, thanks in part to the heroic efforts of American soldiers. However do not forget that many other countries were in this war. America did not achieve victory alone.

  4. Salute to the brave American Soldiers who fought and gave their live's to the freedom the world now enjoys. I am a Filipino, i respectfully thank you American Soldiers of WW2. God bless you

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