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We’re all used to this new post-adpocalypse YouTube, so it’s time for the video giant to ruffle more feathers by secretly hiding videos that don’t break guidelines but that they don’t really like anyway.

Linkdump: http://bit.ly/2hpkap2

Written By: Eddy Rivas
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Gus Sorola

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Date: July 5, 2020

40 thoughts on “YouTube Secretly HIDING Videos? – The Know Entertainment News

  1. Since this algorithm is focused on finding "BAD" content dealing with monetized channels…Do you think non monetized channels get ALL their content hidden. My channel isnt monetized and I noticed an incredibly sharp decline in views and people telling me that videos were not visible until much later after I posted them…leads me to think that videos from non monetized channels get set aside and dont even make it to the point for the algorithm to review them.

  2. It's not just hiding videos, Youtube has also been hiding comments or in other words ghost banning (basically the site makes you think your videos or comments are up but in actuality no one can see them). You can actually confirm whether your specific comment is ghost banned or not by logging out (or just open the page in incognito) and if you can't find your comment then congratulations, you've been ghost banned.

  3. If I'm not misremembering, it wasn't the advertisers who started this, but news outlets. They wrote to the advertisers about ads on questionable content.

  4. Can we get someone to make a new youtube? One that isn't trying to be a paid cable channel or won't tell me my sub channels have tons of new videos even though I already watched them. Youtube sucks so bad anymore. oh yeah, screw nintendo.

  5. Terrorists upload a propaganda video on YouTube
    YouTube: That's bad!!! No views for you!!! No making money! DEMONITIZED!!
    Terrorists: Awww….atleast we got milllions of people to join our group 🙁

    Who cares if they don't get revenue?

  6. I'm starting to find myself using other platforms more and more often because of YouTube curving freedom into conformity. Socialist? Propagandists? I dunno but it's annoying

  7. While I understand YouTubes intentions in wanting to increase revenue and provide a safer/friendly community, the way they are going about could spell the end of YouTube, not literally but hypothetically. Many content creators use satire and criticism in their videos to make it entertaining, even talk about controversial issues for the sake of entertainment, if videos like those start to get hit repeatedly, many channels and creators may very well end up leaving the YouTube community. Not to mention that if YouTube continues down this aggressive road to curbing extremist content, their systems will only get more restrictive which will prevent most of the content that people watch from ever making onto the YouTube platform, reducing the time people spend on the platform and lowering profitability. This would mean that the platform would bring in even less revenue and may be deemed a money pit or a loss to the business. All in all, YouTube's content ID AI should be looking for exclusively extremist content, content that falls within YouTubes content policy and guidelines for inappropriate content to avoid pushing creators away and damaging the YouTube platform.

  8. This is beyond liberal or conservative. This is rather alarming, actually. Also, it's possible the advertisers started doing this as a means of renegotiating how much they pay out for ad revenue.

  9. YouTube's super strict rules about the kind of content that can have ads on it just doesn't jive with the kinds of ads I get spammed with by YouTube.

    For example the "It" movie trailer is NOT family friendly content, but I've been getting it repeatedly including on videos of Pixar theories.

  10. Jorden Peterson had his channel suspended…for the crime of not using the right pronouns….call it what it is censorship. The people loving this are among those who were complaining about net neutrality.

  11. The trump wrestling meme was considered extremist and inciting violence. This is going to censor free speech and blast exponentially more innocuous users than hateful violent videos.

  12. The wording for some of that sounds like a charter to push any view they wish to support. It is exactly how over the top Political Correctness went charging straight into the very discrimination they were supposedly trying to suppress, awesome. Someone somewhere will have an agenda and decide what is offensive etc as a lot of such things are subjective. It's just how we roll.

  13. There's no better way to undermine the promotion of your political beliefs than to actively attempt to censor your "opposition" because someone thinks your pretty little ears can't handle it without going postal. I'm baffled somebody hasn't made a more successful service for hosting free video content, considering YouTube seems to be run by a pack of chimps grappling with a counterintuitive AI gone rogue.

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