Zuckerberg comments on Facebook's actions to combat fake news – Daily Mail


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sat for a high-stakes televised grilling from lawmakers Tuesday and Wednesday in his first ever appearance before Congress Tuesday. The Facebook CEO said Monday he was ‘sorry’ and it was ‘my mistake’ that led to breach in written evidence to the House Energy and Commerce Committee. He said there was ‘no question’ Facebook should have spotted Russian interference sooner. Lawmakers from two Senate committees, representing almost half the Senate, will get a crack at questioning him. He has been under fire since revelations Cambridge Analytica was able to scrape data for tens of millions of users from the site.

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Date: October 17, 2020

2 thoughts on “Zuckerberg comments on Facebook's actions to combat fake news – Daily Mail

  1. hahaha … Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg defends the social platform as a “positive force in the world” as he addresses Congress on Tuesday while admitting he made “a big mistake” by not taking seriously the social network’s responsibility to its two billion users
    …. hahaha …. tks daily mail for allowing a comment …. after so many pages in goofle search … hear it appears zbug and gurgle appear to be share some sort of ai

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